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EDN Launches Two New Industry Calendars

EDN has launched two new calendar functions at the web site. The EDN DOCalender provides an overview of international documentary events and The EDN Festival Calendar provides dates and deadlines for documentary festivals. Both functions have extensive search functions available.

EDN-calendarThe EDN DOCalendar provides documentary professionals with an overview of important dates and deadlines in the international documentary industry. Currently the calendar has over 500 events listed.

All events can be browsed and displayed in an easy to navigate calendar, providing a graphic overview of what is happening next in the documentary industry. The events can also be sorted in different categories and precise search options make it possible to locate specific upcoming events and deadlines. The EDN DOCalendar is available for all users of the EDN web site here:

The EDN Festival Calendar is a tool developed for documentary filmmakers planning their festival strategy and looking for festival options for their film. With the calendar you can browse upcoming festival deadlines and see festival dates. You can also search for the best festival option in specific territories by using the country search function. In addition you can search for film festivals in relation to themes and types of festivals.

The festival calendar is currently listing 700+ documentary festivals, and is constantly evolving with new info being added. The EDN Festival Calendar is available for all members at the EDN web site here: