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BBC Storyville’s Nick Fraser Speaks Out at Sunnyside. Plus Yves Jeanneau, Mette Hoffman and Ove Jensen

It’s hard to beat Sunnyside of the Doc for relaxed access to potential buyers and partners.

This year, Madelyn Most put her Sunnyside access to great use by creating a series of video vignettes of industry leaders and new market participants.

The BBC’s Nick Fraser was her first interview.

My Takeaways

  • Nick regrets the greying of the documentary community.
  • As a mentor at Sunnyside and other industry events, I’m always thrilled to experience the waves of youthful energy entering the niche.
  • Maybe network buyers should step aside earlier, passing on their great jobs to the fresh talent who are close to the younger audiences that the niche craves?
  • On the other hand, it takes a very confident hand to guide a strand that tackles controversial topics, particularly in today’s political climate.
  • Curators often have to stand up to personal attacks, such as in this well-funded campaign against Nick Fraser related to “Five Broken Cameras”.

Sunnyside of the Doc is the perfect setting for developing contacts with the European market: a wonderful pool of producers, distributors, broadcasters and a few creatives in “sunny” dispositions. You meet everywhere — at the stands, in restaurants, in the amphitheatres, on bikes, at parties… You can’t escape each other… and it’s for the best. OnScreen Manitoba Delegate

Yves Jeanneau is the Sunnyside of the Doc CEO.

  • Yves runs a great team that delivers on its promise of relaxed access in a beautiful setting.
  • I am proud to be Sunnyside’s publishing partner, workshop moderator, and more.

Mette Hoffman Meyer from Denmark’s DR TV was Madelyn’s 3rd interview.

Mette’s market is a small one.  But she has made decisive contributions to many important films by combining advocacy with her ability to leverage her modest budgets via partnerships in Scandinavia and beyond.

Ove Rishøj Jensen represented EDN, the European Documentary Network at Sunnyside. EDN enjoys a membership of 1,000+ from more than 60 countries.

I continue enjoyed EDN’s valuable publications and workshops.

About Madelyn Most

Madelyn was born in New York and grew up in several countries in Europe. After University in Paris and film school in London, she began her camera career in the UK film industry working on studio feature films and documentaries through AKA Film Services. Today she is based in the UK and France, writes about the film industry, and covers film festivals around the world. Photographer and painter, she is a member of the Union of Cinema Journalists, Society of French Film Critics, Foreign Press Association, Reporters without Borders, and the Anglo-American Press Association in Paris and the Frontline Club in the UK. Through Most Films she develops independent co-productions.