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Annual Nielsen Update of U.S. Population Trends and Latest Household Universes

Byron Media’s John Morse reports that Nielsen’s widely-used TV universe numbers provide an important context for advertising and therefore for programming and production targets.

Nielsen updates all its universe national base counts once every year in September and they are the official estimates for 2022.


  • This year the total US Universe of TV homes increased from 121.0 to 122.4 million. That’s a 1,400,000 (1.2%) increase which lifts all cable UEs and related impression deliveries (everything else being equal).
  • Broadcast-Only homes (OTA…Over the air) which includes Broadband-only increased to 19.4 million homes (+5%).  OTA homes now make up 16% of all homes
  • Black homes increased to 16.2 Million (+1%)
  • Asian homes increased to 6.6 Million (+3%)
  • Hispanic homes increased to 17.2 Million (+2%)
  • Persons 55+ increased to 94.8 Million (+2%)


  • Persons 2+ increased from 307.3 to 308.0 Million
  • Children Under 2-11 decreased from 47.2 to 46.8 Million.
  • Teens 12-17 were unchanged at 24.5 Million.
  • Persons 18-34 decreased from 70.1 to 69.9 Million.
  • Persons 18-49 decreased from 129.5 to 129.4 Million.
  • Persons 25-54 decreased from 121.2 to 120.9 Million.
  • Persons 35-64 decreased from 120.6 to 120.2 Million.
  • Persons 55+ increased from 93.4 to 94.8 Million.
  • White households decreased from 89.44 to 89.38 Million
  • Hispanic households increased from 16.9 to 17.2 Million
  • African-American households increased from 16.0 to 16.2 Million
  • Asian households increased from 6.4 to 6.6 Million
  • Homes that reported being “new car prospects” declined from 11,870,000 to 10,590,000 (-11%), reflecting current economic conditions.

There are now:

      • 93.6 Million Professionals/Owners/Managers (POM)
      • 123.5 Million with Household Income $100K+

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