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UK Ratings: Top 50+ Documentary & Lifestyle Programs in 2015

This week, we briefly cover the 50+ highest-rated Factual + Lifestyle programs in the UK for 2015, Year-to-Date.

Who Guessed?

  • I phoned several UK producers, and none of them correctly guessed #1.
  • The BBC’s Countryfile came in on top (13.2 rating / 7.7mn).
  • For 25+ years, this weekly hour has drawn viewers to its snapshots of rustic British life. Read our earlier detailed coverage here.
  • Countryfile is a tentpole for the BBC1 schedule.  It delivers audiences way above its budget.

Top Gear

  • Countryfile gets a fraction of the promotion invested in the Top Gear franchise (#3 / 6.9 mn).
  • Amazon recently put a value of $250 mn on the Top Gear team for a 36-episode deal.
  • I’m a bit of a broken record on the subject of how public broadcasters don’t value their unsexy but hit programming franchises like Countryfile and Antiques Roadshow.
  • The BBC is wasting opportunities to build viewer loyalty, which is very important now that the Beeb is so politically threatened, like public TV systems everywhere in the English-speaking world.

Here is the UK Top 50+, with more comments below…

1BBC 1Countryfile7,71413.2
2BBC 1Masterchef6,95211.9
3BBC 2Top Gear6,92111.9
4BBC 1Eastenders: Backstage Live6,84911.7
5BBC 1Eat Well For Less?5,3659.2
7BBC 1Fake Or Fortune?5,2149.0
8BBC 1Celebrity Masterchef5,0238.6
9BBC 1Diy Sos: The Big Build4,8248.3
10BBC 1Rome’s Invisible City4,8208.3
11ITVMafia w Trev. Mcdonald4,7228.1
12BBC 1The Truth About Calories4,5607.8
13BBC 1The Truth About Medicine4,4457.6
14ITVLong Lost Family4,4397.6
15BBC 1Pets: Wild At Heart4,4237.6
16ITVJoanna Lumley Trans-Siberia4,3417.5
17BBC 1Secret Britain4,3207.4
18BBC 1Animals In Love4,2457.3
19BBC 1Super Cute Animals4,2307.2
20BBC 1Eclipse Live4,2107.2
21BBC 1The Met: Policing London4,1757.2
22BBC 124 Hours In The Past4,1467.1
23BBC 1Chelsea Flower Show3,9976.9
24BBC 1Shark3,9946.9
25BBC 1The Gift3,9126.7
26C5Celebrity Big Brother3,7096.4
27BBC 2The Great British Sewing Bee3,6116.2
28C4Island w Bear Grylls: Women3,5776.1
29C4Secret Life Of 4 Year Olds3,5386.1
30BBC 2Back In Time For Dinner3,5236.0
31C4Benefits Street3,4676.0
32C4Island w Bear Grylls: Men3,4215.9
33ITV100 YO Drivers Ride Again3,4195.9
34BBC 1The Truth About Fat3,3985.8
35ITVRichard Wilson On The Road3,3975.8
36BBC 1Billion Dollar Chicken Shop3,3925.8
37ITVCar Crash: Caught On Camera3,3875.8
38ITVP. O’grady’s Animal Orphans3,3335.7
39BBC 1Atlantis3,2725.6
40BBC 2B’naire’s Paradise: Necker Is3,2665.6
41ITVMore Tales From N’humber3,2465.6
42BBC 1Inside Out3,2085.5
43C4The Undateables3,1965.5
44BBC 2Six Puppies And Us3,1835.5
46BBC 1Don’t Tell The Bride3,1425.4
47BBC 2Japan: Earth’s Enchanted Is3,1245.4
48C4Our Guy In India3,1155.3
49BBC 1The Truth About Your Teeth3,1045.3
50BBC 2Dragons’ Den3,1045.3
51C4The Billion Pound Hotel3,1045.3
52BBC 1Antiques Road Trip3,1025.3

Genres in Top 20

  • Food gets bigger, with 4 programs in the Top 20, and lots more further down the list.
  • Animals: Blue Chip is giving way to ‘Cute’. I moderated a great panel at Sunnyside of the Doc where the BBC’s Natural History strategy was a topic. You can read more about the discussion here in Realscreen.
  • There’s not much, if any Blue Chip of any genre in the Top 20, and that’s a surprise.
  • Are UK broadcasters and viewers dumbing down?

Lots of Hosts

  • Rome’s Invisible City features immersive hosts who belay their way into the catacombs, Joanna Lumley heads to Siberia, and lots more…
  • And even better when they’re hooked up with lovable animals, like Liz Bonnin and Paul O’grady.

No Fresh Factor?

  • C4’s innovative and brilliantly-cast Gogglebox rises up the rankings to #6.
  • But there’s nothing new like it in the 2015 schedules.

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