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UNITED SKATES Case Study: Five Years from Inspiration to Tribeca & HBO. Podcasts with Tina Brown & Dyana Winkler, Co-producers & -directors

UNITED SKATES is an exceptional feature documentary that combines pure and often hilarious entertainment with a hard-hitting expose of how race and class force their crushing ways into the most innocent American pastimes — even roller-skating.

For this case study, which is published with Sunny Side of the Doc, I spoke with the co-producer / co-director team of TINA BROWN and DYANA WINKLER.

They share their very enlightening insights into the development, production and distribution of their Tribeca award-winning, and now HBO feature documentary.

  • They worked on UNITED SKATES for five years.
  • John Legend joined the project as an executive producer.
  • They won the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival Audience Award
  • Plus lots of official selections and prizes.
  • Earned rave reviews from the likes of Variety.
  • And a recent premiere on HBO.

Tina is a fellow Aussie expat, and Dyana comes from Hawaii. Don’t miss their compelling and inspiring stories.

Listen Here to Tina on the development, production and distribution of UNITED SKATES  (25 mins)

Dyana describes the writing and editing process for UNITED SKATES. She shares her experience that women filmmakers still secure funding for their projects at a later stage than their male counterparts. 


“The point you make about the story being successful in entertaining audiences while giving them a view on challenging racial issues is important.  I think in an era where people feel inundated by cynical views of the world, it’s important to find a way to tell tough stories in a context that inspires hope.” — Cristine Platt Dewey, roco films


“Sunny Side of the Doc is pleased to launch a full-year content partnership with Peter Hamilton’s Through case studies, podcasts and our conference sessions, we will inspire international documentary professionals with the information they need to create, co-produce and successfully distribute their stories.” Yves Jeanneau, CEO of Sunny Side of the Doc