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AIDC Melbourne 2016: Don’t Miss an Exciting Program + Networking. My Two Panels


AIDC moves to Melbourne later this month.

The program promises energy, insight, contacts for pitches, networking, and good fun in a great, thriving city.

I’m really pleased to be moderating two panels. Here they are:

Sunday 28 February

Program Notes

  • Conferences are an overwhelming rush of sessions, contacts, and conversations. It can be tough to know where to focus your time. How do you decide what to attend? Should you skip the keynote to meet an important contact?
  • Start with the Maximise Your AIDC session and let our presenters guide you through the process so you can make the most of your time.
  • Our panel of veteran industry experts will share their strategies for getting the best value out of attending AIDC.
  • They will focus on presenting a framework for understanding the factual content sector. The framework will help you appreciate the different drivers of success for each major category of programs, from author-driven documentaries to reality series, and then to target the conference sessions that match your priorities.
  • Their second focus is on inspiration – how you can be most effective in pitching your ideas to potential buyers, funders and partners.
  • This combination of industry expertise and motivation will get you fired up to take giant steps forward for your projects.
  • And, by attending this relaxed, introductory session, you’ll make great new friends amongst AIDC first-timers!


  • Jeni McMahon, Screen Victoria
  • Roy Ackerman, Pulse Films
  • Leanne Pooley, Filmmaker
  • Penny Robins, Producer
  • Phil Craig, AIDC Board
  • Moderator: Peter Hamilton

What Video On Demand Means for Docs
Monday 29 February
2.45 – 3.45pm

Program Notes

  • ‘Making a Murderer’ is dominating the global water cooler chatter. Other Netflix original documentaries are opening Sundance and winning Academy Award nominations. Amazon is launching documentary channels. Niche and regional VOD players are racing to market.
  • In this session, a panel of experts will analyze the Opportunities, Success Factors & Deal Terms across the booming VOD sector.
  • Key topics addressed are:
    • Defining SVOD, TVOD and AVOD
    • What do Netflix and Amazon pay for programs?
    • And other VOD platforms like CuriosityStream?
    • How do their deals differ?
    • What are the revshares?
    • Do they commission originals?
    • What are their filters and targets?
    • How can producers sell to the platforms?
  • The analysis uncovers the drivers of success across the booming VOD platforms that are disrupting the programming plans of established channels.


  • Rebecca Heap, Head of Strategy and Digital, iView / ABC
  • Roger Jackson, Co-founder, Kinonation
  • Sharon Ramsay-Luck, Head of Sales & Business Development, ABC Commercial
  • Moderator: Peter Hamilton




SVOD2Opportunities, Success Factors & Deal Terms
for Netflix, Amazon and VOD Platforms

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