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New York WILD Film Festival: Award for Minna Dufton’s BIG vs SMALL on Saturday April 9.

The New York WILD Film Festival is packed with great viewing from adventure exploration to pure wildlife and conservation.

NY WILD runs from April 1 to 9. Below are links to the program. And to the trailer.


I will be accepting an award for Finnish fiilmmaker Minna Dufton.

Her documentary BIG vs SMALL that tells a powerful story of a woman’s recovery as she surfs Portugal’s giant waves and overcomes her fears in Finland’s icy waters.

BIG vs SMALL was a winning pitch at Sunny Side of the Doc 2019 where I mentored Minna. BIG vs SMALLhas earned multiple awards since!

Congrats to Nancy Rosenthal, Founder & Executive Director of New York WILD Film Festival for her exciting program!

Hope to see you at the New York Explorers Club on Saturday April 9 for the screening award. New Yorker writer Carolyn Kormann is hosting a Q&A with Joana Andrade who rides the powerhouse waves at Nazaré, Portugal (home of the 100ft World Record Wave surfed by Garrett McNamara).