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Netflix & the Streamers. What do they want? What they pay! My Show & Tell Webinar with Keith Ochwat. September 15, 1pm/PT

How do you figure out what the streamers want?

The volatility of the streaming ecosystem is hard to navigate.

  • What was true a year ago has changed.
  • You need to know how your film fits within the ever-evolving streaming world.


I will be joining distribution expert, Show&Tell’s Keith Ochwat next Thursday for a special webinar.

We will discuss my in-depth research on how Netflix and its streaming competitors work with indie filmmakers.


We will cover the most recent trends with:

  • Streamer audiences
  • Acquisitions
  • Content creation
  • How much filmmakers are being paid for features, shorts, and series

Learn what producers need to know about the streaming economy!

Mark your calendar for September 15th @ 1pm PT.

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