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Best Documentaries of 2022: The Picks from the Players. The Oscar Noms & More

What were the critics’ picks for Best Documentaries for 2022? Caitlin Cooper surveyed Variety, Deadline, Sundance and more to provide links to their selections. Among them are prize-winning indies such as All the Beauty and the Bloodshed, Bad Axe, and All that Breathes. Dominating the competition are Brett Morgen’s Moonage Daydream for HBO Max, and […]

Netflix Dominates: 85% of “Minutes Watched”. All Other Streamers: 15%

Analysts LightShed Partners published a noteable pushback to the gloom surrounding Netflix‘s outlook. Remember that investors savaged Netflix, whose market cap has lost around two thirds of its its peak valuation. This tracker tells the story: Wall Street turned sour on Netflix for a cascade of factors including: Stalled subscriber growth. Questions about the quality

Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

True Crime Boom: Recent Releases Highlight What Producers Need to Consider (Part 2)

With Worst Roommate Ever, we continue our coverage of the True Crime genre in Part 2 of Camran Shealy’s snapshots survey of 20+ recently announced or released  projects. Read Part 1 here, including The Tinder Swindler and more. And here below is Part 2… My Podcast, Webinars + MIPCOM Workshop New Trends in True Crime:

Desktop Doc Netflix course

Netflix & the Streamers Put a Blowtorch to the PayTV Model. What Do the Charts Say?

There’s a mixed bag of stories revealed in the charts that caught my eye during this rather slow Summer month. Bottom line: The shift to streaming is gathering pace: consumers are putting a blowtorch to the “melting icecube” of legacy broadcast and cable media. The data asks a big question:  Do Discovery, Peacock, Paramount, and

True Crime Boom: Recent Releases Spotlight What Platforms Want (Part 1)

The True Crime genre earns ever more attention — and greenlights, from platforms worldwide. My editorial associate Camran Shealy surveyed recently announced or released True Crime projects, summarizing of 20+ of them here. Everyone’s doing it: commissioners include Netflix, Discovery+, Peacock, ARD Germany and hulu. Netflix dominates Camran’s selection, as expected given its nearly $20