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NHK Japan’s $6.5 Million “Cosmic Shore”: A space science coproduction that compares favorably with billionaire-funded space tourism

The hyped rocket jaunts by Jeffrey Bezos and Richard Branson remind me of the combination of publicly-funded Space Science and broadcasting revealed in my COSMIC SHORE Case Study from Japan. Public broadcaster NHK developed a $100K space camera for a US$6.5 million coproduction with PBS‘s NOVA strand. Their mission: capture the edge of our world, where

Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

OSCAR win for MY OCTOPUS TEACHER. Listen to executive producer Ellen Windemuth in our “How we sold OCTOPUS to Netflix” podcast (Update)

Congrats to MY OCTOPUS TEACHER‘s extended family for winning the Best Documentary Feature award at last night’s Oscars. I write “family” because it took a deeply committed and close-knit group of friends and colleagues to bring Craig Foster‘s unexpected subject from chilly False Bay to Netflix, and then to Hollywood’s #1 stage:   How It

The Sundance Documentary Economy: The Odds for Feature Docs. The $806M Cost of Missing Out

A Sundance Film Festival award lags only behind an Oscar nomination as a measure of success for documentarians. But what are the odds that a U.S. or international documentary will earn a slot on the Sundance program? And what is the total expense on all those submissions that missed out? This year, the Sundance Film Festival screened 73 feature-length

QUOLL FARM: A $600k Wildlife hit for ABC Australia, Smithsonian, ZDF/Arte & NHK

Quoll Farm is a classic natural history film about a very cute and little-known Australian marsupial, the Eastern Quoll. It has a gentle conservation message, and like several recent films, notably My Octopus Teacher, there’s a story of human redemption as part of the wildlife package. I was totally charmed by the antics of the

Desktop Doc Netflix course

SELLING YOUR DOCUMENTARY TO NETFLIX: My new resource-packed online course. Now with a 700-program online database

Selling Your Documentary to Netflix

SELLING YOUR DOCUMENTARY TO NETFLIX is my new, resource-packed course designed for both industry professionals and developing talents. The online course features: How to pitch your project effectively! A unique 700-program database of Netflix originals & acquisitions Step-by-step video tutorials Worksheets, and other downloads Proposal templates, and much, much more… The course includes NETFLIX 2021: