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Love Nature Unveils “Evolution Earth” at Sunny Side Of The Doc

The success of our recent coproduction partnership attracted me to cover Love Nature‘s Evolution Earth, a new original production that was announced today at Sunnyside of the Doc. The five-part series is produced by PASSION PLANET, in co-production with Love Nature, PBS and ARTE. This impressive group of partners has joined forces to create a

Waterbear CEO Ellen Windemuth on conservation, community, programming and her new free streaming platform (Podcast)

Ellen Windemuth is CEO of Waterbear Network, the ambitious streamer dedicated to creating a sustainable planet through compelling storytelling. She describes Waterbear’s mission, strategy, programming priorities, key contacts for producers, and much more. Listen to Ellen Windemuth (18′) Peter Hamilton · Ellen Windemuth, CEO Waterbear on programming strategy Timecode “Dedicated to the future of our

Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

News Roundup: Climate Change Documentaries Breaking Through?

The COP 26 UN Climate Change Conference opens in Glasgow on October 31, bringing urgency to the race to save our planet. Documentary commissioners, producers and distributors have responded with lots of new orders. Does global warming have the urgent audience appeal of programs that address hot button issues like true crime, gender, and social

Desktop Doc Netflix course

Afghanistan in Documentaries: Sunny Side’s Story of the Month. Plus: Is Barack Obama a celebrity-fixated documentary producer?

Essential Afghan Documentaries – War boosters & critics: 15 key documentaries about Afghanistan, From ‘Taxi to the Dark Side’ to ‘Hell and Back Again‘ // Variety ‘Pat Tillman‘ and other films both critical and supportive of the war // Washington Post Art Workers in France Mobilize to Help Afghan Creators // Artnet Women journalists fear brutal Taliban // Vice Director’s escape from

OSCAR win for MY OCTOPUS TEACHER. Listen to executive producer Ellen Windemuth in our “How we sold OCTOPUS to Netflix” podcast (Update)

Congrats to MY OCTOPUS TEACHER‘s extended family for winning the Best Documentary Feature award at last night’s Oscars. I write “family” because it took a deeply committed and close-knit group of friends and colleagues to bring Craig Foster‘s unexpected subject from chilly False Bay to Netflix, and then to Hollywood’s #1 stage:   How It