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OSCAR win for MY OCTOPUS TEACHER. Listen to executive producer Ellen Windemuth in our “How we sold OCTOPUS to Netflix” podcast (Update)

Congrats to MY OCTOPUS TEACHER‘s extended family for winning the Best Documentary Feature award at last night’s Oscars.

I write “family” because it took a deeply committed and close-knit group of friends and colleagues to bring Craig Foster‘s unexpected subject from chilly False Bay to Netflix, and then to Hollywood’s #1 stage:


How It Happened!

Listen here to my fascinating podcast conversation with executive producer Ellen Windemuth. (Posted Sept 2020).

A Side Note: My thanks!

  • From my first post in 2010, Ellen and the Off the Fence team have actively supported my efforts to throw a little light on the business of the documentary business.
  • Ellen has been a keen supporter of my valued partner Sunny Side of the Doc.
  • I know that between myself and the OCTOPUS Oscar-winners, there are hundreds and hundreds of industry participants, and at all levels, who are grateful to Ellen and her OTF family.

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    In Conversation with PIPPA EHRLICH & JAMES REED

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