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TRUE ROYALTY: The Netflix for “super-engaged Royals fans”. A Podcast with CEO Gregor Angus (Republished)

Queen Elizabeth‘s passing reminded me of our 2019 coverage of TRUE ROYALTY, the ‘mega-niche’ streamer for “the 150M people worldwide who are Royal super-fans.” TRUE ROYALTY now carries a library of “450+ constantly-refreshed quality titles about Royalty today, around the world and throughout history.” First published, October 2019 TRUE ROYALTY is a London-based subscription video […]

Netflix & the Streamers Put a Blowtorch to the PayTV Model. What Do the Charts Say?

There’s a mixed bag of stories revealed in the charts that caught my eye during this rather slow Summer month. Bottom line: The shift to streaming is gathering pace: consumers are putting a blowtorch to the “melting icecube” of legacy broadcast and cable media. The data asks a big question:  Do Discovery, Peacock, Paramount, and

Is Peacock the “New Quibi?” Wall Streeters say “Stop! Put a bullet in it!”

Influential Wall Street analysts Lightshed Partners report that NBCUniversal has spent $2.5 Billion on its Peacock streaming service. And what has it got? Peacock subscribers are stuck at around 14 million. There were zero subscriber gains for the recent quarter. Peacock lags far behind its competitors Netflix (221 million subscribers), Disney+ (138 Mn), HBO Max (77

Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

Netflix’s 41% of Time Spent dominates viewing of commissioned & acquired programs

What is Netflix’s share of U.S. viewing? Last month I reported on Comscore’s June 2021 findings that Netflix (26% market share) and YouTube (21%) dominate viewership on connected TV’s. The key Comscore measure is ‘Time Spent’. Here’s the chart: Misleading However, the data is misleading if you are a producer, distributor or programmer whose job

Netflix & YouTube dominate viewing of streamers. End of Discovery+ as a standalone?

Netflix (26% market share) and YouTube (21%) dominate viewership on connected TV’s. The launch and rollout of powerful new streamers like Disney+, HBO Max, Paramount+ and Discovery+ hardly dented their dominance. Their combined share of the key measure of Time Spent dropped only 2% in 18 months. The outlook is not promising for the new

Desktop Doc Netflix course

OSCAR win for MY OCTOPUS TEACHER. Listen to executive producer Ellen Windemuth in our “How we sold OCTOPUS to Netflix” podcast (Update)

Congrats to MY OCTOPUS TEACHER‘s extended family for winning the Best Documentary Feature award at last night’s Oscars. I write “family” because it took a deeply committed and close-knit group of friends and colleagues to bring Craig Foster‘s unexpected subject from chilly False Bay to Netflix, and then to Hollywood’s #1 stage:   How It