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Waterbear CEO Ellen Windemuth on conservation, community, programming and her new free streaming platform (Podcast)

Ellen Windemuth is CEO of Waterbear Network, the ambitious streamer dedicated to creating a sustainable planet through compelling storytelling.

She describes Waterbear’s mission, strategy, programming priorities, key contacts for producers, and much more.

Listen to Ellen Windemuth (18′)

“Dedicated to the future of our planet”

[0:00] Introductions

[0:44] Why WaterBear? A streamer free of many commercial pressures.

[1:24] Inspiring action through creating content based on that which what people want to know more.

[2:04] WaterBear as a tool and community, one that reaches beyond the streaming device.

[3:08] How to make programming that includes a call to action, engagement, and empowerment.

[3:38] Our 140 NGO Partners (“They are the big unsung heroes of the world!”)  How to collaborate with NGOs to amplify their stories through Marketing and Impact Campaigns.

Four examples:

[6:10] Peter asks if the Ukraine War and other world crises are diverting attention and resources away from conservation, and how Waterbear is responding.

[6:34] Future of streaming and getting through the digital noise and global events.

[8:30] Scalability of WaterBear. Growing as a global community + accessibility.

[9:46] WB Team + Board Members + Sponsorship Model (brands have storytelling needs)

[12:15] Programming strategy. Developing and acquiring content.  Key areas of interest are based on the broad SDG’s, the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

  • Biodiversity
  • Climate
  • Community
  • Circularity (regenerative agriculture, re-wilding, biomimicry, indigenous communities)

[14:32] WaterBear Studios commissions around 60 original productions year and acquire hundreds. There are currently thousands of titles available for free on the platform.

[15:13] Impact films should be shared and seen by as many as possible!

[16:16] Who to contact, Reach out and send us story ideas that align with our mission and values.

[17:02] Active Engagement — “We want to be a global digital community, and find like-minded people, groups, and movements.”

[18:00] Subscribesign up and watch!

(Thanks Eleanor Dickinson)
(Photo: Dagmar Lap)

Short Bio

Ellen Windemuth is the CEO of WaterBear Network, overseeing the strategy and direction of the new interactive video-on-demand platform dedicated to storytelling around the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Prior to founding WaterBear, Ellen was the Owner and CEO of Off the Fence, a global nonfiction production and distribution company based in Amsterdam. Under her leadership Off the Fence acquired, produced, and co-produced over 6,000 hours of content and won hundreds of awards for productions including their latest feature documentary MY OCTOPUS TEACHER, a Netflix Original which won the Bafta and Oscar for Best Documentary in 2021.

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