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Happy Holidays!

PHC-Christmas 2015

On the beach at Cannes.

Thanks to my readers, clients, sponsors, partners and friends for a great year in the life of and Peter Hamilton Consultants, Inc.

This year’s highlights:

BBC / Attenborough Credits.

  • BBC4 broadcast The Polio Story: The Vaccine That Changed The World, which I had earlier and proudly co-EP’d for the Smithsonian Channel as The Shot That Changed The World, featuring Bill Gates.
  • I also served as Development Executive for David Attenborough’s upcoming Reefs series for BBC.

Analysis & Context

  • Our sponsor ITN Source supported our coverage of the archive, including Case Studies like Every Face Has A Name from Denmark and Sweden.
  • We published more than 50 original, weekly posts, covering the ever-changing documentary/unscripted sector.
  • Our analysis of the emerging VOD marketplace was amongst the most-widely read posts.


  • We enjoyed working on strategies and solutions for governments, investors, professional associations, networks, producers and foundations.

Markets and Conferences

I attended and led workshops and panels, including:

Thanks to the programmers for their invitations, and to the participants for being so engaged!



  • My work and interests often lead to fascinating events.
  • One of these was the celebration in Washington of 75 years of diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Australia.
  • It was a partnership forged when Australia was under dire threat.
  • I chatted with Deputy PM & Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Julie Bishop (below) about strategies for promoting the Australia’s film and television industry in the U.S.


Where It Started…

  • My passion for publishing began in Melbourne when I edited my high school newspaper.
  • I used to take the tram into the city to hang out at Testro’s, the printers. I loved the industrial smell of hot lead, ink and paper, and the clacking of linotype machines and printing presses.
  • Today, using WordPress and Constant Contact, I can silently reach my 16,000 mailing list for a fraction of the cost of even a monthly, mailed newsletter way back then.
  • I still miss the vibe of a ‘real’ printer.
  • My masthead is how I imagine would look if it were set in hot lead.