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Memo to Reality Talent Hopefuls: No “Bingo!” from Network Deals. How to Blow a Pitch at History! China Doc Boom?

This Week’s Issues:

  • Memo to Talent: Re Compensation — Build a self-branded enterprise. Don’t rely on appearance fees. Dirty Jobs‘ Mike Rowe is the model to follow!
  • “Speed to Air” matters!
  • Work-for-hire versus retaining Rights.
  • Renewals and bumps.
  • How to pitch – and how to blow a pitch – to History.

The Panelists

Late last year, the key players involved in the rise and rise of the #1 History hit Pawn Stars kindly agreed to share their experience at a panel that we co-produced with the New York State Bar Association.  The speakers were:

  • Mary Donahue, Executive Producer, History Channel
  • Brent Montgomery, Leftfield Pictures and creator of Pawn Stars
  • Rob Miller, Peleton Entertainment, Leftfield’s agent

This week, we complete out coverage of the panel discussion:

6. Q&A. The Deal: The Work-for-Hire Model vs. Producers Retaining Rights (10:34)

  • Can producers evolve beyond the work-for-hire model?
  • Who retains rights?
  • Rob Miller describes some of the financial challenges of the co-production model.

7. Q&A. More on The Deal: Networks and Merchandising Revenue Shares with Talent. They are Disruptive. Renewals & Bumps (10:04)

  • What happens when networks want revenue shares with talent?
  • Complex merchandising deals with talent complicate the development process.
    • Mary: “Speed to air is very important from a competitive standpoint.”
  • Rob Miller leads a discussion of deal points that are addressed at season renewal time.
    • Brent says that talent deals get renewed more often than producer deals.
    • Brent and Mary strongly agree that talent won’t get rich out of appearance fees but from creating or expanding their own enterprises.

8. Q&A. What’s Up Next for Leftfield Pictures? How to Pitch History? And Not! (6:37)

  • Mary says that History is open to pitches from all producers – IF the producers understand the brand parameters, particularly that her channel serves a 70% Male audience.
  • So if you turn up to History with that pitch for your embroidery series, don’t expect another meeting!

And More

Extra Reading

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