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Sunnyside of the Doc: Access, Networking and Valuable Information!

Sunnyside offers access to decision-makers, networking events, and a full program of panels on key trends in nonfiction television — all in a compatible seaside city.

A feature of SSD 2013 will be the attendance by a full delegation of documentary channels and producers from China. This is an important accomplishment for festival director Yves Jeanneau.

I will moderate three sessions in La Rochelle:

National Geographic Channels International Workshop
June 26th, 09:00 – 10:00


  • Edward Sayer – National Geographic Channels International / Fox International Channels (London)

“Ed Sayer from National Geographic Channels International will explain about NGCI’s global network, the commissioning structure through the London-based hub, and the range of programmes that they are looking to commission. Come and learn about this international powerhouse of documentary content.”

All About Science Documentaries
June 27th, 10:00 – 11:30


  • Hélène Coldefy – Arte France, Head of Specialist Factual
  • Melanie Wallace – NOVA
  • Shin Yasuda – NHK Japan Broadcasting Corporation, International Coproductions Department
  • Paul Lewis – Discovery Channel Canada
  • Kim Shillinglaw – BBC, Commissioning Editor, Science & Natural History

“As part of our special focus on Science programmes this year, this panel of broadcasters puts the genre under the microscope. Can you ever be too popular in talking about science? Is ‘tech’ taking over from ‘true science’ on our television screens? What’s the secret to a good science pitch? Come and sort the science fact from the science fiction.

The Canadian Case
June 28th, 11:00 – 12:30


  • Michael Mcmahon – Primitive Entertainment, Producer & Chair of HotDocs
  • Rudy Buttignol – Knowledge Network
  • Tom Perlmutter – ONF / NFB – National Film Board of Canada
  • Peter Wintonick – Eyesteelfilm

“The Canadian Case What can developments in the Canadian market tell us about the future for documentary distribution? Tom Perlmutter, Chair of the NFB, will enlarge on their recent announcement of the World Documentary Platform, planned for 2014. We’ll also hear from producers how they feel this will change the market, and from a broadcaster about the challenges of establishing another platform in a crowded media market.”

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