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The ‘Pawn Stars’ Reality Boom: Leftfield Pictures Snapshot, 2012. How Many Hours? Channels? What’s Next?

The light bulb that became Pawn Stars was first switched on in the back of a Vegas van in 2008.

Pawn Stars is now History Channel’s breakout hit show:

  • It ranks #1 in 2012 amongst all U.S. cable non-fiction series, followed by Jersey Shore.
  • And last time I checked, it averages nearly 5.6 million viewers.

That Las Vegas van was driven by emerging New York-based producer, Leftfield Pictures

  • In 2007, before Pawn Stars, Leftfield produced 1 television hour.
  • This year: more than 230 hours!!
  • And two of the Top 10 unscripted hits on U.S. cable.
This week, courtesy of Leftfield’s Brent Montgomery and his generous team, we measure the ‘Pawn Stars Reality Boom’:


Leftfield’s Secret Sauce

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(August estimate)


  • Episodes – 205
  • Hours – 103


  • Episodes – 151
  • Hours – 75.5

To Be Produced

  • Episode #’s – 243
  • Hours – 128.5

To Be Aired

  • Episode #’s – 60
  • Aired Hours – 30

Total for 2012
(August estimate)

  • Produced episodes: 448
  • Produced hours: 231.5


  • American Restoration (airing) History, 86×30
  • Ball Boys (waiting to cycle) ABC, 12×30
  • Cajun Pawn Stars (airing) History, 42×30
  • Counting Cars (premiering 8/13), History 13×30
  • Monster In-Laws (airing) A&E, 23×30
  • Oddities, Science (airing) 73×30
  • Oddities San Francisco (airing), Science, 18×30
  • Odd Folks Home, (TBD) Science, 6×30
  • Pawn Stars (airing) History, 274×30


  • Bid & Destroy (in Production) National Geographic, 12×30
  • Famous Yard Sale – w.t. (in Development) Lifetime, 16×30
  • Full Metal Racket – (in Production) CMT, 10×30
  • Health Inspectors (in Production) Food Network, 7×30
  • Unannounced Series (in development) Animal Planet, 8×30
  • Unannounced Series (in development) OWN, 6×60
  • Unannounced Series (in envelopment) History, 11×30
  • Unannounced Series (in development) truTV, 4×30
  • Pilots in development at A&E, 3×30
  • Pilot in development at Bio, 2×60
  • Pilot in development at Lifetime, 1×30

Channels  Served: 2012

  • History
  • A&E
  • Lifetime
  • Bio
  • Science
  • Animal Planet
  • CMT
  • Food
  • Nat Geo
  • ABC
  • truTV
  • OWN


  • Pawn Stars and American Restoration are among the anchors of A+E Networks’ expanding international operation.
  • Regional versions are on various agendas.
  • Leftfield may set up a UK office – or the acquisition of an existing UK producer.


    • Mary Donahue, Executive Producer, History Channel who describes how the History team developed and launched Pawn Stars
    • Brent Montgomery, Leftfield Pictures and creator of Pawn Stars
    • Rob Miller, Peleton Entertainment, Leftfield’s agent
  • Sit back/lean forward and watch their stories and practical insights!




International Documentary Buyers’ Guide 2012
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  • How many do they buy?
  • What are they looking for?
  • Who are the key contacts?
  • How do you reach them?
  • If we have the data, what do they pay?

The International Documentary Buyers’ Guide 2012 is an invaluable resource for producers who are working on strategies to pitch ideas or who are selling completed programs to channels.

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Based on original interviews with broadcasters, funders and senior producers conducted for the Hot Docs Forum 2012.

The Guide includes:

  • Executive Personnel
  • Current Strands & Slots
  • Recent Green Lights
  • Channel Profiles
  • Vital Links
  • Takeaways and Analysis

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 Westdoc Workshop

  • Thanks to the packed room of delegates who contributed to our sizzling Westdoc Workshop in LA last Sunday.
  • Your feedback has been great.
  • Tom Jennings and Chris Hilton, two talented and very experienced producers joined my co-presenter Stephen Harris to help untangle the trends that drive the documentary / reality sector.
  • Many thanks also to Westdoc co-founders Richard Propper (L) Chuck Braverman (R), and the Westdoc team!

Photo: Danna  Kinsky

Next: Watch this space for notes and video from the Westdoc Workshop.




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