Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all my friends, colleagues, clients, subscribers, readers, contributors and more!

I’ve really enjoyed this year, using my industry knowledge and contacts to provide you with valuable information and context through my weekly newsletter, regular ‘pod-versations’ with experts, producing panels at major industry events like MIPDoc, and consultations with producers, platforms, nonprofits and governments.

Thanks to all the producers, distributors and network executives who shared their often-hidden commercial experience.

Industry Studies

This year I doubled down on the editorial and sales effort involved in publishing my studies, led by NETFLIX: What You Need To Know Now! The response has been very encouraging, and I will expand this effort in 2020.

Sunny Side

A highlight of the year has been my expanded partnership with Sunny Side of the Doc. Our mission was to provide — year round — useful information about the producing, buying and selling of documentary programs.

We definitely exceeded our expectations, based on your response to our monthly News Roundup, detailed Case Studies and podcasts, as well as the panels and Meet-the-Executive sessions produced at the Sunny Side event in beautiful La Rochelle.

I so enjoyed working with Yves Jeanneau and his team that his passing in November came as a great shock. In 2020, we will double our efforts in Yves’ memory.

D-Word & DOK.fest

Many thanks to Doug Block and the D-Word team for sharing our experiences about the best ways to provide value to the global documentary community.

Another highlight of 2019 was serving as a pitch panelist at Munich DOK.fest. Thanks to Ruth Berry and the DOK.fest team for an event with a great vibe.


I can only expand the scale and scope of my publishing activities with the support of sponsors including Parrot Analytics,  Off The Fence, ZDF Enterprises and ReedMIDEM. I’m grateful for their regular engagement throughout the year.

My newsletter has thrived due to the ever-reliable contributions for a decade of WordPress expert Krista Gonzalez.

Byron Media’s Dr John Morse provides brilliant insights and access to data concerning the links between audience behavior, programming and commerce.

I’ve got to run and pack for a trip to Stockholm where I’ll happily report for Granddad duty, and I’ve run out of time to thank many more industry professionals who have helped make 2019 a great year, and who have helped me get ready to blast into 2020.

Wishing you lots of success in 2020!