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Younger UK viewers turn to Netflix and the streamers in COVID

Young UK viewers made a dramatic turn to streamer services like Netflix during Covid.

That’s the key Takeaway from a report from the BARB ratings agency on TV set usage in April ’20 versus April ’19.

For Kids and Adults 16-34:

  • Their time spent watching the channels remained quite steady.
  • Time spent watching Netflix and other unrated streamers increased by around 50%.
  • And each demo spent more time watching streamers than channels.

Older Adults

  • UK Adults 45+ are still overwhelmingly loyal viewers of the channels.
  • Though they, too, are expanding their use of streaming.


  • The chart elegantly confirms the global swing to Netflix and the streamers.


  • Watch out for my report from Parrot Analytics that scoops up internet data to calculate the relative engagement of viewers in programs.

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