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Discovery vs Nat Geo vs History. Race for UK Gold, Part 3. How Far Behind Broadcast? Plus: Our New Global Doc Buyers’ Guide

Here are my quick Takeaways before a summer getaway.

Business Model:

  • UK factual channels attract relatively small audiences compared with the broadcasters.
  • However: Advertisers are attracted to their relatively upscale viewers.
  • And the networks earn subscriber fees from Sky and other platforms.
  • On the cost side, all UK factual channels benefit from a business model that relies on imported US programs. These are mostly owned outright by the channels.
  • The big US franchise series and specials – like Deadliest Catch are by and large the top performers in the UK.
  • The UK channels also commission locally. Big, noisy American characters can’t dominate their schedules.
  • Nat Geo, Discovery and A+E have each set up a new pipeline for their international channels. They share costs for qualified new programs that will play across multiple territories.
  • They also create local and regional versions of a handful of hit US series.

I will cover these issues and developments in greater detail in the coming months.

Here are the top shows for the nonfiction channels versus the top-rated factual program for each broadcast channel.

And here are the average ratings with year-to-year changes:

Ratings (Average January 1 – June 26 0600-2600)
20112011 Share (%)20122012 Share (%)Y-Y +/-Y-Y +/- (%)
1Discovery29,8000.2634,1000.30  4,300             15.38
2History16,5000.1525,6000.23  9,100             53.33
3Nat Geo18,8000.1717,3000.15  -1,500             -11.76
4C&IN18,6000.1616,7000.15  -1,900             -6.25



  • Discovery UK launched 1st amongst American factual channel exports.
  • That was in 1988 when Clark Bunting led the Discovery team and, fresh from CBS International, I served as senior consultant.
  • The fairly consistent message we heard from UK ‘experts’ was “We Brits will never watch your (inferior) American programs.  And anyway you won’t make any money!”
  • Wrong:
    • Discovery International generates more than 40% of DCI’s revenues.
    • UK is the jewel in the crown.
    • And Discovery International gains importance by the day as Discovery Networks US recovers from the serious (half a $US billion!) opportunity costs associated with the OWN Oprah Winfrey Network debacle as well as the many challenges faced by Discovery Channel.
Top 10 Discovery UK Programs (2006-2012 YTD)
1Deadliest Catch26-Oct-10460,9002.34
2Gold Rush22-May-12430,6001.69
3My Shocking Story15-Nov-07390,4001.92
4Wheeler Dealers11-Oct-11378,0001.45
5American Choppers16-Jan-06284,5001.46
6Will Ferrell and Bear Grylls: Born Survivors25-Jul-09273,2001.91
7Killing Bin Laden18-May-11272,2000.97
8Alone in the Wild5-Oct-11253,9000.95
9Bear Grylls: Born Survivor18-Jul-11246,5000.92
10How It’s Made23-Feb-06245,4001.31


History / A+E Networks

  • A+E Networks’ corporate parents napped for decades while Discovery invested heavily in going global.
  • History’s recent US hits are proving to be highly exportable. They are fueling a catch up in UK viewing versus Discovery.
  • The Kennedy’s – a scripted series that went pear-shaped in the US – is an international hit! That’s a big strategic message!
  • Crime & Investigation is a much stronger franchise in the UK than in US. It’s a reminder that there’s value in the content-driven, niche franchises.
Top 10 History UK Programs (2006-2012 YTD)
1Ice Road Truckers 216-Oct-08389,1001.86
2The Kennedys7-Apr-11375,9001.66
3How Life Began23-Mar-09369,0001.97
4IRT – Deadliest Roads16-Dec-10345,1001.58
5Storage Wars17-May-12306,3001.42
6Pawn Stars17-Oct-11290,1001.02
7102 Minutes That Changed America11-Sep-11230,7001.72
8American Restoration (Series One)1-Aug-11222,7000.84
9American Pickers24-Oct-11222,0001.03
10The Lost JFK Tapes: The Assassination3-Mar-11194,1001.00


Nat Geo

  • UK-centric Bloody Tales of the Tower is #1 in 2012, showing there’s value in local.
  • But the best performers on Nat Geo’s Top 10 list are the content-driven specials and series that are no longer the focus of Nat Geo US.
  • That foreshadows future struggles to align Nat Geo International’s yellow border legacy with the noisy characters coming from Washington.
Top 10 Nat Geo UK Programs (2006-2012 YTD)
1Engineering Connections8-Sep-08323,7001.49
2Area 51: I Was There5-Jun-11299,1001.02
3Gospel of Judas9-Apr-06276,7001.52
49/11: Ten Years Later7-Sep-11213,6000.90
5Air Crash Investigation14-Mar-11213,2000.73
6Crash Scene Investigation11-Apr-06208,6001.14
7Bloody Tales of the Tower16-Apr-12196,4000.78
8Seconds From Disaster19-Sep-06179,2001.02
9In The Womb21-Jan-07168,9000.78


C&I is an A+E Network

Top 10 Crime & Investigation Network Programs (2006-2012 YTD)
1Curious and Unusual Deaths18-May-12206,3002.74
2Born to Kill29-Jan-12190,8003.54
3The Krays By Fred Dinenage15-Mar-10184,1000.68
4Crimes that Shook Britain18-Mar-12170,0000.59
5Myra Hindleys Prison Years12-Jun-11163,0001.35
6At Home with the Noonans22-Apr-12155,4005.89
7Girl Fight7-Jun-12154,9001.79
8Steven Seagal: Lawman5-Jan-10152,9000.54
9Crime Re-Licences7-Jan-12152,1005.50
10Fred Dinenage: Murder Casebook15-May-11151,3000.54


Editorial assistance: Alexander Watson 


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