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Sean Bean To Narrate Osprey Raptor Wildlife Doc For Love Nature & Sky (by Deadline’s Peter White)

Sean Bean is to lend his voice to a natural history documentary about Osprey.

The Game of Thrones star is narrating Osprey: Sea Raptor, a one-hour doc for wildlife brand Love Nature that will also and Sky in the UK.

The film, which is produced by Love Nature and CosmoVision Media Group, tells the true story of a pair of magnificent raptors, a life-long couple, as they reunite having traveled separately across continents to the same location year-after-year to raise their young.

The doc will also air on PBS in the U.S. via WNET, which is co-producing, but is expected to have its own narrator and title. (Paul Giamatti / Season of the Osprey)

It will roll out on Love Nature’s linear and streaming platforms, outside of the U.S. and UK beginning this fall and Blue Ant International will handle international sales.

The special begins as the male osprey makes his way from South America to the Long Island Sound in the eastern United States. Having migrated separately, the pair reunites, only to find their nest nearly destroyed by winter storms while they were away.

They fend off countless would-be usurpers of their territory and re-build one of the largest nests in the animal kingdom.

Their family saga continues as three helpless chicks arrive, vulnerable and ravenous. Last to hatch is a scrawny and weak male, who, through his parents’ devotion and the force of his own will, battles his way to survival, and ends up being the first to fly.

Alongside the osprey family’s journey through one summer season, their lives intertwine with the red foxes, bald eagles, cormorants, raccoons and coyotes in their bio-diverse habitat in the center of America’s densest urban corridor.

Jacob Steinberg, founder of CosmoVision, serves as director. Peter Hamilton, James Manfull and Fred Kaufman exec produce with Bill Murphy as series producer.

“It’s a rare treat to see Osprey in my part of the world, so it’s a wonderful experience to be part of a story that gives an up-close look at these magnificent birds of prey,” says Emmy award-winning actor, Sean Bean. “The team truly immersed themselves in the life journey of these Osprey and I can’t wait to see the finished special.”