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Dan Salerno on discovery+: A 1st look at the appearance, functionality & content selections

Veteran programmer Dan Salerno checks in on the appearance, functionality and content selection of Discovery’s ‘month new’ streaming service, discovery+. Sample screenshots follow.

Listen to Dan Salerno (15′)

  • No surprise: d+ is heavily targeted towards female viewers who are attracted to the lifestyle brands TLC, HGTV, Food, ID and even OWN.
  • There’s less apparent promotion of shows that capture the vibe of pre-2005 Discovery with an emphasis on factual and documentary shows.
  • I ask Dan: Is d+ cannibalizing Discovery’s original offerings on the channels?
  • Stayed tuned in the weeks ahead to Dan Salerno for more on discovery+, Disney+ and other streamers!


Home Page featuring a key highlight and the discovery+ Originals link, followed by their key network brands

discovery+ Originals and Trending Shows follow the same horizontal menu format.  Most of the trending titles are popular legacy brands and spinoffs

Relationships category with horizontal menus for Trending and Highlights. A&E Network brands are integrated with Discovery Networks and discovery+ Originals brands.

Horizontal menus with their Featured selections and Recommendations.  Network logos make it easy to differentiate titles within their parent brands. 
Nature and Animals category. Trending titles are exclusively Animal Planet character led series with only a modest presence for traditional blue chip wildlife.