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Kickstarter Success Stories: The Win/Loss Rate and Payoff Amongst 13,049 Launched Projects

Kickstarter and its crowd-funding peers are not an easy path to success.

  • Since Kickstarter’s launch in 2009, 13,049 launched projects have earned $108.4 mn in total commitments.
  • However, only 38% or 4,815 projects met their funding targets.
  • These successful appeals raised $92.7 mn.
  • That’s an average of only $19,257.70 for each successful project.
  • The unsuccessful projects raised an average of around $1,900!

KS Success


  • There’s no shortage of competition.
  • According to Kickstarter, there were 169 Live documentary projects in mid-September.

All-time Hits

  • Read last week’s post on the Top 11 All Time Kickstarter hits.
  • The amazing new record in the documentary category is for a film about Bill Nye The Science Guy. 16,850 backers pledged $859,425!

Case Studies

Update: Kickstarter Focus

  • Kickstarter’s founders just turned their backs on the IPO pot of gold to reaffirm their altruisitic, non-profit mission.
  • Read The New York Times coverage here.