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What Do the Channels Want?

The International Documentary Buyers’ Guide answers these questions:


  • Are the buyers open to international partnerships?
  • Who are the key contacts?
  • How can you reach them?

Also, whenever we have the data:

  • What do the channels pay?
  • For acquisitions?
  • For co-productions?

The Buyers’ Guide is an invaluable resource for producers who are working on their strategies for pitching ideas or selling completed programs to channels.


16 countries

  • Australia, Canada, China, Columbia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Over 35 broadcasters

  • SBS Australia, Astral Media, Blue Ant Media, CBC, CBC News Network, Corus Entertainment, Discovery Channel Canada, iChannel, Knowledge Canada, Shaw Media, SRC-Canada, Super Channel, TVO, Hunan TV Station, RTVC, DR Denmark, YLE Finland, ARTE France, Planete+, ProSieben Sat.1, S.H. Channel 8, yesDocu, RAI Italy, NHK Japan, EBS Korea, AVRO Netherlands, SVT & SVT2 Sweden, BBC, Al Jazeera English, POV, CNN, Discovery International, HBO Documentary Films, MSNBC, National Geographic Channel, and more
  • 95 Channels and Slots.
  • 100+ Buyers & Contacts.


  • Executive Personnel
  • Channel Profiles
  • Documentary Profiles
  • Recent acquisitions and green lights
  • Budgets where available
  • Analysis of how and what broadcasters are looking to acquire
  • Current strands
  • Documentaries and Television Specials

Final Takeaways

  • So that you can make informed, research-backed decisions.




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