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MIPDoc: Gédéon’s “Sagrada Familia: Gaudi’s Challenge” Case Study. Coming Soon

At the MIPDoc Coproduction Summit, Gédéon ProgrammesStéphane Millière revealed the development, the deal, and the ground-breaking CGI solutions employed to deliver Sagrada Familia: Gaudi’s Challenge.

I will share and expand on Stéphane’s video presentation later this month.


In my introduction to his presentation, I wrote:

“Stéphane’s work is important for its creative merit and for its commercial strategy.”

“Gédéon super-serves a powerful niche that combines Europe’s most important culutural patrimony with television and multimedia story-telling, and museum exhibitions.”

“His projects have scale – budgeted in the $1+/- million range.”

“The costs are shared across multiple coproduction partners and funders.”

“And Stéphane’s team always pushes the creative boundaries.”

“Welcome Stéphane Millière and the Gaudi Case Study!”