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MIPDoc: Gédéon’s “Sagrada Familia: Gaudi’s Challenge” Case Study. Coming Soon

At the MIPDoc Coproduction Summit, Gédéon ProgrammesStéphane Millière revealed the development, the deal, and the ground-breaking CGI solutions employed to deliver Sagrada Familia: Gaudi’s Challenge.

I will share and expand on Stéphane’s video presentation later this month.


In my introduction to his presentation, I wrote:

“Stéphane’s work is important for its creative merit and for its commercial strategy.”

“Gédéon super-serves a powerful niche that combines Europe’s most important culutural patrimony with television and multimedia story-telling, and museum exhibitions.”

“His projects have scale – budgeted in the $1+/- million range.”

“The costs are shared across multiple coproduction partners and funders.”

“And Stéphane’s team always pushes the creative boundaries.”

“Welcome Stéphane Millière and the Gaudi Case Study!”


Photo courtesy of MIPDOC