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MIPTV & MIPDoc Unpacked: Serendipity rediscovered in Cannes… and more Takeaways with Dan Salerno. Podcast

Veteran programming strategist Dan Salerno reports on highlights of attending last week’s MIPTV / MIPDoc market & conference in Cannes.

We both loved being back at a LIVE event where business benefits flowed from both planned and spontaneous meetings.

Listen to our MIPTV / MIPDoc Takeaways


Topics that we covered include:

  • Serendipity:
    How unplanned, great meetings happen time and again at a live market versus rarely on a Zoom call
  • Attendance:
    Who came and who didn’t? Not the US streaming players, but we noted the strong European presence
  • FASTs Rising:
    Advertiser-supported streaming services are buying programs, initally catalogs, and recently original documentary commissions
  • Rights management:
    A huge challenge in the streaming era
  • Aspirations can limit options:
    Several producers who joined Dan’s MIPDoc Roundtable are focused on selling to Netflix, but there are so many more buyers of factual programs, both new streamers and linear channels
  • Wildlife:
    Remains a vibrant genre… our OSPREY: SEA RAPTOR global sales
  • And much, much more.

Warner Bros Discovery

We signed off by exploring the Warner Bros Discovery merger:

  • Who will run the show?
  • CEO David Zaslav’s skills, challenges, and his $230+ Mn compensation package
  • Mass layoffs coming
  • What does all mean for producers?

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At the MipDoc Copro Summit. The Bridge’s Amanda Groom with Curiosity Stream’s Jorge Franzini.