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How the channels are responding to the rise of the streamers. A podcast with Dan Salerno

How are the channels responding to the rise of Netflix and the streamers?

They’re launching their own streamers like NBC and Peacock, providing their brand and content, like Nat Geo to Disney +, or maybe just getting caught in the headlights.

Dan Salerno is deeply specialized in documentary and unscripted programming, and together we pull apart a few of the most pressing strategic threads in the shift from linear to digital distribution.

How the Channels are responding to the rise of the Streamers (30′)

Dan Salerno

Dan Salerno is a veteran media executive whose career spans multiple platforms across the global television business.  He has been a key member of the leadership team for established and emerging networks, with an emphasis on strategic planning and content development.

Most recently National Geographic’s head of Programming, focusing on programming, development, and strategy, Salerno’s career also includes BBC, Gospel, Fuse, and the original launch team at Discovery and its sister channels.

Involved in a wide range of programming milestones, he counts Planet Earth, Walking with Dinosaurs, Mythbusters, Shark Week, Safari Live and Pants Off Dance Off amongst his favorites.