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Who are the documentary buyers? What do they want? How many? Deal highlights and more

Twelve documentary buyers and producers reveal what drives their decisions.

  • Each commissioner is driven by a particular strategy, pipeline and budget ‘sweet spot’.
  • Each producer describes a unique path from concept through funding and production to distribution.

Since 2010, the mission of my Documentary Business newsletter has been to reveal how these individual production pathways and commissioner’s strategies combine to form our ever-evolving Unscripted industry.

In this post, I’ve recapped my 2020 interviews with buyers and recent Case Studies of notable productions.


Documentary Buyers: What Do They Want?

For dozens more buyer contacts, don’t miss the invaluable SUNNY SIDE DECISION MAKER’S GUIDE, my SWEET SPOTS guide to 31 U.S. networks.


Documentary Productions: Case Studies & Podcasts

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