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Amazon Prime Video Undercuts Netflix in Worldwide Rollout

Amazon has officially launched Prime Video in 200+ countries and territories. Prime Video will be included for Amazon Prime members in Belgium, Canada, France, India, Italy and Spain. In countries with no “physical goods” or Amazon warehouse presence, Prime Video is being offered for either $2.99 or 2.99 Euros per month for the first 6 months. It […]

The Archive Comes Back in the ‘Post-Schedule Documentary Economy’. Interview with Peter Hamilton & Tom Jennings for

Is the archive on the way back? We think so, and we explored the factors driving changes in the archive landscape with‘s David Seevers in an interview with myself and Peabody Award-winning producer Tom Jennings.’s coverage of the archive is sponsored by ITN Source. FN: In a recent edition of, you noted that “History channel’s

Amazon, Netflix & Nat Geo: Notes from the ‘Post-Schedule’ Documentary Economy

Recent press releases from Amazon, Netflix and Nat Geo reveal trends in the “Post-Schedule Economy”. I quickly applied several criteria to a sample of seven films, including Amazon’s 13-parter on Hugh Hefner. Five of them focus on Big Names (e.g., Hefner) and/or involve A-Listers in the production team (e.g., Leo Dicaprio). Four involve Crime, Violence

Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

Amazon Video Direct, the ‘Netflix Killer’? Analysis and Takeaways

Amazon announced last week the launch of Amazon Video Direct. Most analysts reported that AVD is an assault by the online retail giant on YouTube and its User-generated Video (UGC) platform. That, at best, seemed like half the story to me. Amazon’s strategy is to dominate Video the way it does book publishing and distribution. Just

Amazon Prime Challenges Netflix With Monthly Subscriptions / SVOD Shakes Up Aussie Viewing

The SVOD market just became much more competitive. Amazon announced two new monthly subscription options for its Prime SVOD service: $8.99 monthly for a new video-only version of its Prime service. $10.99 a month for access to the full Prime service, including video streaming, free two-day shipping on Amazon orders, music streaming and other services. Refocus on

AIDC VOD Takeaways (1/2): The VOD Boom and ABC Australia

“DEMYSTIFYING VOD” was the ambitious goal for our featured panel at this month’s excellent AIDC in booming Melbourne. The sparkling panelists were: Rebecca Heap, Head of Strategy and Digital, iView / ABC Australia Sharon Ramsay-Luck, Head of Sales & Business Development, ABC Commercial Roger Jackson, Co-founder and COO, Kinonation, Los Angeles The feedback was that it was ‘mission accomplished’ for

Desktop Doc Netflix course

Thessaloniki Takeaways # 2: Leo Dicaprio Builds His Resume. The False Hope of NETFLIX

Leonardo Dicaprio was a winner at Thessaloniki. The Peter Wintonick Audience Award in the International category went to VIRUNGA by Orlando von Εinsiedel. VIRUNGA is ‘A NETFLIX Documentary’ EP’d by Dicaprio. It’s about endangered mountain gorillas in the Virunga National Park of the DR Congo. Virunga was also nominated for Best Documentary at the Academy Awards this