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How do channels commission new factual programs?

Memo to Reality Talent Hopefuls: No BINGO! from Networks / China Doc Boom?

This Week’s Issues: Memo to Talent: Re Compensation — Build a self-branded enterprise. Don’t rely on appearance fees. Dirty Jobs‘ Mike Rowe is the model to follow! “Speed to Air” matters! Work-for-hire versus retaining Rights. Renewals and bumps. How to pitch – and how to blow a pitch – to History. The Panelists Late last

China Rips Reality TV. Docs on the Rise! / History Conference: Great Access & Savings

China is cracking down on Reality TV. There’s an official culture war against subversive “vulgar tendencies” in the media. But that looks like good news for the documentary sector! Pendulum? Or Guillotine! China’s audiences for edgy Reality series were skyrocketing. Reality story lines and characters came to dominate the chatter amongst youthful viewers. China’s Communist

Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

“Women Stay Home!” The Message at YouTube’s Game-changers Conference 2012

The Google / YouTube behemoth recently gathered 150+/- video industry players to an exclusive strategic conference in San Bruno CA. The event: Tune In to YouTube 2012. We made inquiries about who attended. And which category of video industry professionals did we find was absent from the list? Women! Just look at the data: Of

Desktop Doc Netflix course

How Do Networks Evaluate Pitches? Coverage Case Study: “O.C. Gaffer” 3/3

How do network decision-makers cover reality TV pitches? A&E’s Stephen Harris shares his assessment of a memorable pitch from Craig ‘Burnie’ Burns at our 2011 Real Screen workshop. This week: Talent Targeting networks Production values of Burnie’s sizzle reel Takeaways: How good? What Next? In our previous “O.C. Gaffer” posts: 1/3. The Setup to the