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Sundance Film Festival Selections 2018: What are the Odds for Documentaries?

The most coveted road to a Netflix deal lies through acceptance at Sundance. But what are the odds that U.S. and international documentaries will earn a slot on the program? Submissions: 1,635 Documentary Features were submitted to the 2018 Sundance Film Festival: 740 were from the U.S. 895 were international. Selections: Sundance selected 47 for screening. […]

PBS History Programming: Audience & Pipeline. Top 5

This post continues my coverage of the PBS audience for History and Science for delegates attending WCSFP Congress in San Francisco. The focus here is on the strands American Experience, American Masters and Secrets of the Dead. Also profiled are the highest-rated PBS History specials and limited series outside the strands. Next post: The Vietnam War.

PBS Science Audience: Top 5 Non-NOVA Series & Specials, 2015-17

PBS commissions Science specials and series in addition to the NOVA pipeline. Top 5 Non-NOVA Science: Update “Farthest – Voyager In Space” is a standalone special produced by HHMI Tangled Bank Studios for PBS, and not a Secrets Of The Dead episode. Context: PBS’s average primetime rating is 1.41. That translates as an audience of 2,116,000

Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

NOVA Tops 4.5 Million Viewers: Trends, Filters, and Recent Greenlights

NOVA is PBS’s signature Science strand. It is presented by WGBH Boston and carried on almost all of PBS’s 350+ stations. Viewers: Despite generally shrinking audiences for broadcasters, NOVA’s 3-Season rating trend is positive: 1.95 HH (2014-15) 1.89 HH (2015-16) 1.99 HH (2016-17). The Median Age of NOVA viewers is 63. This year’s quick turnaround

PBS Series Ranker: The Audience For History & Science Strands, 2014-2017

Science and History programs are anchors of PBS’s programming strategy. This series of posts covers the audience and pipeline for these two popular genres. The Big Picture Chart: Strands: Science: NOVA. History: American Experience, American Masters and Secrets Of The Dead. Other genres captured in the Series Ranker are Drama (Masterpiece Theater, until recently driven by Downton

MIP Cancun Co-production Matchmaking Market: Last Chance to Register for Pre-scheduled 1-to-1 Meetings with Industry Leaders

October 13 is the last date for producers and production executives to register for your eight guaranteed 1-on-1 meetings with potential copro partners like Netflix, Amazon, Televisa, FOX Networks, Discovery, Globo and more! The new MIP Cancun Co-Production Matchmaking Market, November 15-17, 2017, will be the leading one-to-one partnership forum for Latin America. Format As well as

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U.S. Factual Networks: Ten Year Viewing Trends. Sunny Side Takeaway #1

A 10-year ratings snapshot shows that U.S. factual networks are far from falling off a cliff. And Europe has increased potential as a co-production partner. That’s the message that I shared over and over in my panels and meetings at last week’s productive and enjoyable Sunny Side of the Doc. Chart Nielsen kindly shared a