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Today’s discovery+ launch spotlights David Attenborough’s 10 years of ratings dominance

David Attenborough is a promotional hook for Monday’s long-awaited launch of discovery+. The 94-year old legend narrates A Perfect Planet, a blue chip series that stands out among the new streamer’s higher quality programs. I am in awe of Attenborough’s lifetime contribution to documentary filmmaking. I earned a credit on one of his hit series.

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discovery+. What You Need to Know! Key Facts and Takeaways

Discovery Inc. President and CEO David Zaslav announced the discovery+ streaming service on Wednesday. Here are: The key facts. Takeaways from veteran programming exec Dan Salerno and myself. And another veteran network exec added valuable feedback. Mission “With discovery+, we are seizing the global opportunity to be the world’s definitive product for unscripted storytelling.” David