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Streaming Addiction: New SVOD entrants are all making a critical strategic mistake

Two articles on the state of the industry caught my attention this week: A brilliant analysis of a key success factor for streamers from Lightshed Partners. And a ho-hum Wall Street Journal story that nonetheless captures the current investment frenzy for Unscripted productions. Nat Geo also shared an updated INCLUSION STANDARDS. Scroll down for the

Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

Discovery Documentaries: SVP Howard Swartz reveals “The docs we’re looking for!”

Howard Swartz is the Senior Vice President Docs and Specials, Factual Networks & Streaming, for Discovery. For Sunny Side of the Doc‘s Meet the Executive session, he joined Peter Hamilton to share Discovery’s documentary strategy and key buckets. Following are session highlights, including clips of several projects that reveal Howard’s priorities. MISSION & STRATEGY What

Discovery Transformed by WarnerMedia: Pro’s & Cons. Winners and a Loser.

Three years ago, I wrote here: “Discovery must be in play after AT&T’s recent takeover of Time Warner with its Warner Bros, HBO and Turner programming assets.” (Discovery for Sale, June 20, 2018) ATT confirmed today that it will spin off its renamed WarnerMedia unit into Discovery Inc. My Initial Takeaways: 1.Discovery Transformed A leading

Streaming Market Disruption: Netflix loses share as new services create opportunities for viewers & producers

The U.S. premium SVOD market continued its unstoppable growth in Q1 2021: Total subscriptions were up 24% year-over-year (YoY). And +64% since 1Q 2019! Disruption: However, according to Antenna researcher Jonathan Carson, “the category has experienced a staggering amount of disruption in the 18 months since Disney+’s launch.” Netflix losing dominance Two years ago, Netflix

Desktop Doc Netflix course

Streamers will reach 1.2 billion subscribers worldwide. Pressure mounts on the legacy channels / broadcaster model and its producers

1.2 billion video subscribers by 2025. That’s the total global SVOD customer base estimated by leading U.S. platforms. Netflix tops the list at 341 million! Here are the numbers collated by leading industry analyst LightShed Research. Takeaways: Full Steam Ahead. Legacy studios and channels operators are now “ALL IN!” to the streaming strategy. Consumers are