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Netflix Subscribers: Democrats or Republicans? Plus more charts on the demographics of U.S. streamers

A random email blast from streaming promoter KillTheCableBill revealed lots of fascinating data about the streamers – their subscribers and their economics.

The Netflix breakdown by political party is a favorite:

What does it mean?


  • Cable subscribers are found more in U.S. counties and households that are characterized by lower income, but above poverty. These lean Republican.
  • Streamers tend to be early adopters, plus urban and suburban residents. They lean Democrat.

Program Selection

  • Another explanation could be that the Netflix program offer leans towards the ‘progressive’ or ‘centrist’ point of view.
    • That’s despite hit scripted series that tick rightwing boxes.
    • One example is Fauda with its Global War On Terror militarism and Islamophobia.
  • Netflix’s documentary selections favor Sundance winners and Hollywood A-listers, reflecting the solid liberal bias of these communities.

Netflix Opportunity: Make Programs for the Right?

  • Dem and Repub loyalists are roughly equal segments of the U.S. population — around 26% according to a recent Gallup poll.
  • By comissioning more right-leaning scripted and documentary programs… more Fox News than PBS… Netflix could gain millions of subscribers.
  • Not that I’m advocating for more Fauda’s… or for their documentary peers covered here in Gregory Crofton’s “Death of a Nation” and the Rightwing Documentary Ecosystem


Following is a selection of my favorite charts from KillTheCableBill:

Subs by Region


Eleven Streamers By Generation


Streamers by Gender

Netflix Revenues

  • The Hockey Stick that every investor and manager dreams of…

There’s more at KillTheCableBill.