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discovery+ leads “Most Streaming Sign-ups” in January: 19% of all U.S. SVOD new subscribers

discovery+ tops the SVOD “Most Streaming Sign-ups” list for U.S. in its launch month.

discovery+ accounts for a 19% share of US SVOD signups in January according to new data released by ANTENNA, a subscription insights provider.

  • That puts d+ ahead of HBO Max (14%), Disney+ (13%) and Hulu and CBS All Access (each with 11%).
  • discovery+ launched on January 4 in the U.S.
  • Parent Discovery Inc recently estimated its streamer would have 12 million paying subscribers by February 28, including 7 mn in U.S.

Source: Antenna
(d+ is the purpley color at top right)


  • ANTENNA said that the majority of discovery+ signups came through 3rd-party distributors like Apple, Amazon and Roku.
  • The data excludes signups via d+’s promotional deal with Verizon.

Ad-free Tier

  • Over half of discovery+ signups were for the ad-free tier priced at $6.99 per month.
  • By comparison back in July 2020, ANTENNA said that less than a quarter of Peacock signups were for its ad-free tier.
  • In 2019, Hulu said the majority of its subscribers chose its ad-supported tier.


  • discovery+ launched with 55k TV episodes from its catalog along with a relatively thin stream of Originals.
  • According to VideoNuze, that’s more hours than are available on Netflix, Disney+, Peacock and HBO Max.
  • discovery+ announced plans to add 1,000 hours of originals this year.
  • d+ positions itself as the definitive SVOD for “real-life entertainment” versus the classic factual content that built the brand. (Listen to Dan Salerno)

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