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“Women Stay Home!” The Message at YouTube’s Game-changers Conference 2012

The Google / YouTube behemoth recently gathered 150+/- video industry players to an exclusive strategic conference in San Bruno CA. The event: Tune In to YouTube 2012. We made inquiries about who attended. And which category of video industry professionals did we find was absent from the list? Women! Just look at the data: Of […]

How Do Networks Evaluate Pitches? Coverage Case Study: “O.C. Gaffer” 2/3

How do network decision-makers cover reality TV pitches? A&E’s Stephen Harris shared his insights by responding to a memorable pitch from Craig ‘Burnie’ Burns at our 2011 Real Screen workshop. See last week’s post for the Setup, including Stephen’s filters We assembled our Case Study from notes taken at the workshop, as well as from later

Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

U.S. Distribution. More Cord-cutting: What Does it Mean for Programmers?

The cable/satellite program distribution model is mature and under increasing fire from ‘over the top’ delivery options. Today: U.S. network distribution data for June 2011 versus June 2010: Who were the gainers and losers? And what does it mean? U.S. TVHH’s (‘000) 2011 2010 Change Category TBS 101,138 100,608 0.5% Entertainment CNN 100,988 100,370 0.6%

Case Study: Globe Trekker’s Business Model for a Deficit-financed Public TV Series (2/2)

This is part 2 of a two-part post on Globe Trekker, the leading PBS Travel series created by Pilot Productions’ Ian Cross. Last week:  Globe Trekker’s history, distribution and  audience This post: the business model and Takeaways. REVENUES Public TV Revenue Model Stations are given programs for free or for a comparatively low license fee The producer sells

Desktop Doc Netflix course

Cord-cutting: How Serious? What Does it Mean for Channels and Producers?

Are U.S. multichannel subscribers cutting the cord in such numbers that programmers and producers should be concerned for the long term? Analysts of our sector were recently whipped into a bit of a frenzy by the release of two studies: SNL Kagan reported that the U.S. industry lost 119,000 subscribers in the 3rd quarter 2010,