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Hulu: The Appetite for Documentary Viewing on the Home of “The Handmaid’s Tale”

Do online video subscribers watch documentaries? This week’s post pulls back the curtain, but just a little. Research firm Comscore tracks Monthly Uniques for Hulu, the #3 U.S. online subscription service after Netflix and Amazon. The Findings: The data is by programming category: And here is the detail: HULU Monthly Uniques, March 2018   Millions […]

MIP Takeaways #6-12: Budget Cuts. Elvis & A-Listers. Tentpoles vs Tents. China and more…

A fast-changing economic model creates anxious conversations and lots of sharing of useful information. That was the vibe along the Croisette at MIPDoc and MIPTV. Here are my Takeaways #6-12. Read “Digital Cents for Analog Dollars” and Cannes Takeaways #1-5 here. 6. Budget Cuts Hit a Mature Industry The Cab / Sat channels business has peaked and

MIPTV & MIPDoc Takeaways #1-5: That Unsettled Netflix Feeling Along the Croisette

What caught my attention at MIPDoc and MIPTV this year? Lots of producers and network executives called to ask. They are curious because their business models and career options are becoming more unsettled by the rise of Netflix and online video distribution platforms. Here are my Takeaways from Cannes (#1-5): 1. What You Know. And

Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

Program Tune-in is Boosted by BIG DATA plus Psychographics plus Targeted Promo’s plus Addressable TV’s. New Case Study

BIG, BIG DATA combined with addressable program promotions is a recipe that drives targeted audiences to view programs on channels. That’s the key Takeaway from a Case Study shared by Cambridge Analytica (CA). The Good News: It means higher ratings, stronger revenue streams, and more money for programming. Cambridge Analytica: CA’s giant database captures 2,000

Facebook’s Video Strategy: “Throw Lots Of Video Against The Wall. See What Sticks!”

Wall Street to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg: “You have 2 billion monthly users and immense monetization capability. “Your move into video will have big knock-on impacts on producers, channels and others in the video ecosystem.” “So tell us: What is Facebook’s video strategy?” Zuckerberg: “Well, I think the answer to that is we don’t know

MIP Cancun Co-production Matchmaking Market: Last Chance to Register for Pre-scheduled 1-to-1 Meetings with Industry Leaders

October 13 is the last date for producers and production executives to register for your eight guaranteed 1-on-1 meetings with potential copro partners like Netflix, Amazon, Televisa, FOX Networks, Discovery, Globo and more! The new MIP Cancun Co-Production Matchmaking Market, November 15-17, 2017, will be the leading one-to-one partnership forum for Latin America. Format As well as

Desktop Doc Netflix course

U.S. Cable Channels Forecast: Dark Clouds With Silver Linings. Takeaways

Industry analyst SNL Kagan forecasts a big decline in U.S. multichannel video subscriber homes: 2015: 98.1 million. 2027: 77.4 million. That’s down 21%. There are 119.6 million U.S. TV Homes  today. SVOD Expands: According to SNL Kagan the online video subscriber base will expand to 94.6 million homes from around 80 million today. The SVOD