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Facebook Originals Are Coming! Update: What Will They Pay?

Facebook aims to launch its slate of commissioned programs next month. There are two buckets for the 24+/- greenlights to date: Signature, bigger budget programs “Shorter, less expensive shows of about 5- 10 minutes that would refresh every 24 hours.” Reporters Nathan McAlone and Alex Heath uncovered some of the mystery of Facebook video in

Netflix: Licensed and Not Original Shows Dominate the SVOD Giant’s TV Streams

Netflix is a lot like Discovery Channel in the late 1980’s. Like Discovery back in the day, Netflix viewers watch a lot more acquisitions than original commissions. Only 15% of its total U.S. streams in 1Q ’17 were for Netflix Originals. More than than 85% were licensed acquisitions. Those findings were reported by research firm

Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

Coproduction: A Growing Trend in Factual. MIPDOC Panel Preview

I’m looking forward to MIPDoc, and particularly to the Coproduction Summit and the SVOD panel. Here is the Agenda: MIPDOC COPRODUCTION SUMMIT Sunday, 2 April 8.45      Fire-Side Chat with David Royle, Executive Vice President, Programming & Production, Smithsonian Networks, USA 9.05      Roundtable discussion 9.20      Panel Discussion / Market evolution when it

Amazon Prime Video Undercuts Netflix in Worldwide Rollout

Amazon has officially launched Prime Video in 200+ countries and territories. Prime Video will be included for Amazon Prime members in Belgium, Canada, France, India, Italy and Spain. In countries with no “physical goods” or Amazon warehouse presence, Prime Video is being offered for either $2.99 or 2.99 Euros per month for the first 6 months. It

The Archive Comes Back in the ‘Post-Schedule Documentary Economy’. Interview with Peter Hamilton & Tom Jennings for

Is the archive on the way back? We think so, and we explored the factors driving changes in the archive landscape with‘s David Seevers in an interview with myself and Peabody Award-winning producer Tom Jennings.’s coverage of the archive is sponsored by ITN Source. FN: In a recent edition of, you noted that “History channel’s

Desktop Doc Netflix course

The Online Video Revolution Comes to SMASH: Trends & Insights from Nielsen

Is the viewing of channels falling off a cliff as the audience shifts to online platforms and devices? Nielsen‘s SVP Audience Insights Peter Katsingris kindly accepted my invitation to come up to the SMASH Conference at WGBH Boston to share his analysis and key takeaways. Then I moderated what turned out to be a great conversation

Amazon, Netflix & Nat Geo: Notes from the ‘Post-Schedule’ Documentary Economy

Recent press releases from Amazon, Netflix and Nat Geo reveal trends in the “Post-Schedule Economy”. I quickly applied several criteria to a sample of seven films, including Amazon’s 13-parter on Hugh Hefner. Five of them focus on Big Names (e.g., Hefner) and/or involve A-Listers in the production team (e.g., Leo Dicaprio). Four involve Crime, Violence