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Netflix, Prime & Hulu Audience Data: Comparing “The Grand Tour” with Their Hit, Binge-watched Scripted Series

Netflix and Amazon Prime famously don’t disclose their viewing data.

  • We don’t know how many subscribers are watching documentary and unscripted programs.
  • Or how their audience breaks down, for example by gender, age, education and income.
  • And how do the hit, binge-watched scripted series compare with the unscripted audience on the OTT/Netflix platforms?

The lack of data is a great frustration to both producers and distributors who are pitching the platforms. It also frustrates the network programmers who are competing with them for concepts and talent.

A Glimpse

My partner Dr John Morse has been researching ways to get around the platforms’ big, beautiful walls in order to provide our readers with a glimpse of U.S. audiences for key online programs.

  • In this post, John shares the findings of a GfK-MRI 2018 survey of the Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu audiences for a selection of hit scripted programs.
  • He compares them with The Grand Tour, Amazon Prime’s Jeremy Clarkson / motorhead series.
  • Its the only unscripted OTT/SVOD program covered in the survey.


Here are several data points that captured our attention. All findings are for “Watched Last 30 Days.”)

U.S. Household Subscribes to:


Note: Many homes subscribe to multiple services.

Watched last 30 days
(Adults 18+)

The Grand TourPrime3,705,000
Orange Is The New BlackNetflix16,350,000
The Handmaid’s TaleHulu5,987,000
The Man In The High CastlePrime3,586,000

(Adults, 18+)

Grand Tour74%26%
Orange / Black37%63%
High Castle61%39%


Grand Tour76%3%
Orange / Black66%2%
High Castle79%3%
All 18+51%20%

Education & Income
(Adults, 18+)

College GradIncome
Grand Tour46%50%
Orange / Black38%39%
High Castle50%33%
All 18+31%33%


Purchase Behavior
(Adults, 18+)

Made an
Online Purchase
Grand Tour81%
Orange / Black74%
High Castle84%
All 18+55%


  • The GfK-MRI survey also covers factual series from several channels including Discovery, History, Nat Geo and Bravo.
  • The channels’ 30-day viewing compares favorably with for our selection of hit series.

Watched last 30 days
(Adults 18+)

Deadliest CatchDiscovery17,346,000
Pawn StarsHistory24,157,000
Wicked TunaNat Geo11,302,000
Million Dollar ListingBravo7,585,000


  • Producers, distributors and funders: If you are developing and pitching a special or series for Netflix, Amazon or the channels, we will improve your pitch by providing detailed analysis of your potential buyer’s audience.
  • Contact me ([email protected]) to engage Byron Media‘s John Morse and me to provide you with a full analysis.
  • Because access to audience data is costly, our service is available to industry participants of scale.