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My “Facebook Originals Are Coming!” post was translated by our friends at Content China.

China’s documentary sector has been a regular subject of analysis in this newsletter.

The promise of the early years of this century were frustrated by an array of regulatory and commercial factors.

However, I can see that the pendulum is shifting.

  • China’s VOD services are actively acquiring select factual programs, and often for impressive license fees.
  • A big Chinese delegation is returning to Sunny Side of the Doc.
  • Also, China’s state broadcasters are stepping back into coproductions.

At MIPDoc, we enjoyed these welcome signs at the premiere of the  NHNZ’s impressive”Big Pacific“.

  • This 5 x 1 hour series was coproduced with CCTV9 Documentary Channel, ZDFE, PBS, Discovery International, Channel 9 and Arte.

I will soon post on China’s emerging online video sector.

Back to the topic of this post:

  • Below is Content China’s coverage of our Facebook Originals post.
  • Read the full story here in Content Chinawith many thanks to Carrie Ho.