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Leftfield Entertainment Snapshot, Networks Served (2 of 2)

We round out our 2014 snapshot of the poster-baby of the Reality TV Boom, Leftfield Entertainment:

  • Which networks are buying?
  • And where is the growth?

The #’s speak for themselves:

  • A 900% +/- increase in networks served over 5 years.
  • Notably a shift from reliance on Pawn Stars and A+E Networks, which was achieved through organic development by Leftfield Pictures and its acquisition of complementary production companies.
  • We cover the contributions of each of these acquired companies and their programs in Leftfield Snapshot, 2014 (Part 1).

Here are the key charts, with thanks to the LE team:

Networks Served, 2007-14



  • LE is US-focused, but the charts hide an important breakthrough into international markets via localized versions of Pawn Stars in UK and Australia, with Singapore and other markets under the microscope.

Commissions by Networks Operator, 2014


The Rise and Rise of Leftfield Entertainment

We covered the rise and rise of Leftfield from garage-style launch in 2007 to half-billion dollar acquisition in 2014 in our valuable Case Study.

Read about our unique Leftfield Case Study here. The big decisions. The Key Success Factors, Managing Talent, and much more…


BTW: Discovery Coming?

  • Discovery Communications has emerged as a potential buyer of ITV, which is valued at $16 Bn +/-.
  • Viacom recently acquired Channel 5 (UK).
  • See my 2013 conversation with DCI’s CEO David Zaslav concerning Discovery’s international focus and accelerating shift away from factual to a mix of all genres.


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