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Webinar: “Networked for Success: An Insider’s Guide to Making the Most of Industry Events.” January 15, 2014. 12-1:30pm EST. Register Now !

Attending the Realscreen Summit and other premiere industry events like NATPEMIPDOC, Sheffield, Sunnyside, and HotDocs is critical for networking and business development for non-fiction producers and networks alike… but for most, they are a major cost item and commitment of resources.

When you’re investing close to $2,000 in a conference like Realscreen, and polishing your pitches and creative briefs, how do you get the most out of your time there?

Ed HershI’m teaming up with Ed Hersh, a veteran industry consultant who, like me, advises a wide range of producers and networks to create a webinar that will help you maximize your time at RealScreen and other industry events you’ll likely be attending this year.

Live: Answers to Big Questions!

In a live 90-minute webinar, we’ll share important insights on:

First Hand Experiences

We’ll tell you about our first hand experiences and those of our clients both at networks and production companies. You’ll hear success stories, and the best ways to leave RealScreen with solid contacts and action items to move your projects forward.

Feedback from our WestDoc 2013 Producers’ Masterclass

“If the next three days of Westdoc 2013 are as productive as the opening Producer’s Master Class with Peter Hamilton and Ed Hersh, participants better exercise their note-taking skills.  The attendees came from countries as far as Taiwan, Russia, Germany and many regions in the United States. Attention never wavered for the three hours. And during the brief break, energy was high as networking vibes took over.” reporter Cirina Catania

“The Master Class set the direction that was followed throughout the conference and that was zeroed in on with laser beam accuracy during the actual Pitch Fest on Wednesday.  Thank you, Peter and Ed for making things so clear to me!” — Miguel Alvarez

“The class was great.  It really helped me to understand the industry from an insider’s POV, the pitching process and the changes that I need to make in my approach in order to be more successful.  Also, it was great to be able to ask questions in a safe environment and get honest answers without judgment.”–  Attendee

“The Master Class gives vital answers to what we should be focusing on in this industry instead of being distracted in all different directions. It helps us to focus on the basic needs and wants and gives a very needed macro view of the whole business.” — Yin Chew


Webinar: Getting the Most Out of Realscreen and Other Industry Events
Wednesday, January 15, 2014. 12 Noon-130 EST

With Ed Hersh and Peter Hamilton

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Speaking Engagements

Real Screen Summit 2014
Washington DC
Sunday, January 26, 2014 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM

How Audience Research Can Make or Break Your Pitch

Brad Dancer, SVP Programming, Planning and Research, Nat Geo Channel
Brent Stinski, Founder & CEO, Media Predict
Peter Hamilton, Moderator

This workshop will take you step by step through the program approvals process for typical channels highlighting the array of research tools that network executives use to help green light – or renew – your shows; outlining the research data that producers should have at their fingertips before they pitch network development teams; and analyzing how much the ‘gut feel’ of network programmers, producers and agents will give way to an approvals process that relies more heavily on consumer research input.

Asian Side of the Doc
Chengdu, China, March 18-21, 2014
Panel: Crowd-funding Platforms in Asia
Panel: 3D / IMAX/ BIG SCREENS for Docs

Cannes, April 5-6, 2014
Panel: How to Get the Funds: Co-pro’s and Foundations
Interview: Louis Vaudeville, CC&C Paris: The Apocalypse Franchise

AND, don’t miss Hot Docs in the Big TO
April 24 – May 4, 2014