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Facebook Video: Most Watched Publishers, September 2016

Who are the BIG GUNS in the Wild West of Social Media Video?

Video is the fastest growing segment of the social media industry.

Facebook has 1.57 billion mobile Monthly Active Users, and dominates video:

  • Over 7.9 million videos were uploaded directly to FB last month.
  • They generated over 208 billion views…
  • For 1.1 million +/- different creators.

Top 10

  • Tubular Insights shares the Top Facebook Publishers each month.
  • The list includes only creators and brands that focus on original content publishing.
  • The top 10 companies listed below totaled more than 13 billion FB video views in one month.
  • Take time to browse the links. Its an education for documentary professionals.

Facebook Video: Most Watched Publishers
September 2016

  1. UNILAD (3.3B Views)
  2. The LAD Bible (2.7B Views)
  3. Tasty (BuzzFeed) (1.7B Views)
  4. Viral Thread (1.4B Views)
  5. Met Daan (1.1B Views)
  6. Now This (1B Views)
  7. 5-Minute Crafts (922M Views)
  8. Daily Mail (909M Views)
  9. Nifty (747M Views)
  10. Playground (619M Views) (Spanish)

Source: The Most-Popular Facebook Video Publishers: September 2016

Data Alert

  • Be very careful of the ‘Wild West’ viewing metrics for social media!
  • Facebook counts a ‘view’ when someone watches a video for 3 seconds on autoplay as they scroll through their newsfeed.
  • That’s a bit like counting a person as ‘Italian’ in a census because they like pizza.





  • Entertainment, News and Lifestyle/Hobbies are the leading categories.
  • The “LAD” phenom proves that British creative excellence adapts to new platforms, formats and business models… from generation to generation.
  • BuzzFeed is the rocketing U.S. social media video programmer.
  • Buzzfeed’s strength in Lifestyle represents an opportunity lost for Scripps Networks, operator of HGTV, Food, DIY, etc.

Revenues Next

  • First comes Scale.
  • Then comes Demo’s. (Check out the links to LAD’s young audience.)
  • And next, the Holy Grail: Revenues.
  • Pre-roll and post-roll videos, in-stream ads, product placement, sponsorship and branding partnerships are all evolving fast as revenue streams for Facebook and other social platforms.


Nielsen Context

Choppertown Facebook Video Case Study

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More from Tubular Labs

  • TL “tracks all video content cross-platform, all-device, globally. We analyze over 1.5 billion videos and the viewing habits of more than 400 million consumers across 30+ platforms to produce actionable insights that result in winning online video strategies.”
  • Read their HGTV Case Study

Speaking Engagements

  • WIVF’s ScriptDC, Washington DC, November 5: Documentary Distribution Landscape, moderated by Maryanne Culpepper
  • Realscreen Summit Master Class, Washington DC, January 23: Production Budgeting with Elizabeth Ventura, the ‘Budget Whisperer’.
  • AIDC, Melbourne, March 5-8. A panel on LIVE! features WildEarth’s Graham Wallington. He and Nat Geo Wild’s Dan Salerno were a hit at Wildscreen.
  • Btw, I’m very excited to join AIDC’s Advisory Committee. Great team! Great city! Great month to be “home”!!

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