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The Online Video Revolution Comes to SMASH: Trends & Insights from Nielsen

Is the viewing of channels falling off a cliff as the audience shifts to online platforms and devices?

Nielsen‘s SVP Audience Insights Peter Katsingris kindly accepted my invitation to come up to the SMASH Conference at WGBH Boston to share his analysis and key takeaways.

Then I moderated what turned out to be a great conversation with noted programmers, producers and distributors about how they’re managing this historic shift.

Today: Peter’s overview notes, his first slide, and a link to the PDF of his full presentation.

Next post: My slides and SMASH Takeaways.


Peter Katsingris
, SVP Audience Insights

Capturing the Shift from Live to On-demand Consumption

  • The presentation speaks to a shift from live to on-demand consumption.
  • Traditional household television tuning remains at all-time highs.
  • Just as many Americans of all ages are watching TV:
    • Over a quarter, something like 98%-99% of all age groups are tuning in to TV.
    • What has happened is that they are spending somewhat less time doing so.
  • Technology is providing choice to consumers for various avenues to content as well as shaping the content itself
  • Traditional TV and radio continue to represent the lion’s share of media consumption.
  • The Internet is an enabler of the increase seen in the devices connected to the television set.


  • Live TV is decreasing somewhat.
  • The use of other devices attached to the TV set (collectively, DVRs, DVDs, Videogame consoles, VCRs and Multimedia devices like Apple, Roku, etc.) continues to increase.
  • Use of mobile devices (Smartphone, Tablet) is also increasing
  • At different life stages, people watch different amounts of TV and use different digital platforms.
  • Nielsen Total Audience Measurement will allow for complete measurement of viewing of content across all platforms

The Nielsen Deck



  • My slides on how programmers are adapting to the new environment.

More Research

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