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Generational Switch From Cable / Satellite to Streaming Services: Pew Research

The data is rolling in to confirm the generational switch in TV viewing from cable / satellite channels to streaming services.

  • Young U.S. Adults 18-29 report that the primary way they watch TV is 61% Online vs 31% Cab/Sat.
  • Adults 65+ prefer Cab/Sat (84%) vs Online streaming services (5%).
  • These are the recent findings of the Pew Research Center.


News Consumption Shows Similar Trend

Another recent Pew Research Center report addressed how the generations get News:

  • Of All U.S. Adults, Online News is ripping away at Television as the preferred source of News.
  • The preference for Print Newspapers continues to fall away.
  • Here is the key chart:

And this chart captures the generational breakdown:

Here is the link to the excellent Pew Research Center report on News Consumption.


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