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PBS & Natural History Programming: A Ratings Snapshot for the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival.

Wildlife programming is an area of strategic focus and growth for PBS:

  • Natural History appeals strongly to PBS’s core audience.
  • And the genre is bringing in new and younger viewers.

Ratings Revealed:

  • Is the PBS audience for Natural History as big as many claim?
  • How old are the viewers?
  • Who originates the programs?
  • How many are in the pipeline?
  • Are audiences for Wildlife drifting away to SVOD services like Netflix and Amazon?

In this week’s snapshot:

  • Ratings by program + trends for Nature, the PBS strand presented by WNET.
  • A deeper dive into this year’s hit, SPY IN THE WILD.
  • PBS National’s pipeline.
  • Case Studies:
    • BIG PACIFIC, from NHNZ and co-pro partners, including MINUTE-BY-MINUTE ratings.
    • WILD ALASKA LIVE: The Story of a Live Stunt
  • Plus Minute-by-Minute ratings.

Jackson Hole

  • I’m sharing my PBS WILDLIFE AUDIENCE SNAPSHOT to honor the  Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival.
  • I was kindly invited by JH to produce a panel on SVOD and Wildlife programs.
  • Instead, I’m happily headed to Stockholm to be introduced to our first grandson, born on Tuesday, Sept 19.
  • Many thanks to the PBS Programming and Research teams and James Burke at WNET Nature for providing viewing data and insights.

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  • The current Nature pipeline is for 13-18 programs / year.


  • The 3-Season rating trend is positive at 1.91 HH (2014-15), 1.92 HH (2015-16), and 1.94 HH (2016-17, including SPY IN THE WILD)
    • Expressed in total viewers per minute, that’s 2.888 million P2+, 2.873 MM P2+, and 2.913 MM P2+, respectively.
  • For 2016-17, including SPY IN THE WILD:
    • The Nature season averaged a 1.94 HH rating and delivered 2.913 MM P2+ per minute
    • Invested viewing households watched 38 minutes per episode (6 minute qualifier)
    • Median Age: 65

Highest-rated Recent Titles

Spy in the Wild: LOVE –  2.6
Natural Born Hustlers: Staying Alive –  2.3
The Story of Cats: Into the Americas –  2.3
Spy in the Wild: INTELLIGENCE  –  2.3
Super Hummingbirds –   2.2
Yosemite  –   2.1

(Nielsen: million HH%)

8-Year Trend: Retaining Loyalty

Source: PBS Research: AA% Live + 7.
2016-17 includes “SPY”. 1.86 HH Rating without.

  • The 8-year trend shows that Nature is retaining the loyalty of American viewers at a time when most series on most channels are challenged by fragmented audiences.


  • The average PBS longform program in the Nature genre enjoys 4 million total views (or starts) across traditional TV and digital platforms.
  • Earlier this year, Episode 1 of SPY IN THE WILD (“Love”) logged 9 million total exposures.


  • Nature’s SPY IN THE WILD is PBS’s highest-rated miniseries in the past four seasons.
  • The Series:
    • Promoted as “the most innovative production Nature has ever presented.”
    • A 5-part series that “employs more than 30 animatronic spy cameras disguised as animals to secretly record behavior in the wild.”
    • “These “spycams” reveal animals as having emotions and behavior similar to humans: specifically, a capacity to love, grieve, deceive, and invent.”
    • It was produced by John Downer Productions for the BBC Natural History Unit.
    • Read more here and watch the video.
  • Viewing
    • SPY IN THE WILD averaged a 2.15 HH rating and delivered 3.3 million viewers per minute
    • Viewing households watched 39 minutes per episode (6 minute qualifier)
    • Median Age: 65
    • Across its 5-week run, SPY IN THE WILD was sampled by 15.4 million unique TV viewers
    • Nature’s SPY IN THE WILD is PBS’s highest-rated miniseries in the past four seasons
  • Ratings By Episode
    • 101 – 2.58 HH, Median Age 66, 40 min. TSV
    • 102 – 2.33 HH, Median Age 64, 39 min. TSV
    • 103 – 2.27 HH, Median Age 65, 38 min. TSV
    • 104 – 2.00 HH, Median Age 63, 39 min. TSV
    • 105 – 1.57 HH, Median Age 65, 38 min. TSV (which was a look at the making of the series)
  • UK: Huge Audience



  • PBS National also acquires, produces or coproduces, and presents Wildlife programs.
  • The current pipeline is for 13-18 programs / year.
  • Two thirds are from the BBC and one third from independent producers, including stations.


  • PBS prefers programs that connect people and the environment, and in a positive rather than alarmist way.
  • An example is BIG PACIFIC.


  • The BIG PACIFIC series was broadcast on PBS in summer 2017.
    • It was co-produced by NHNZ, PBS and China’s CCTV9 with ZDF Enterprises, ZDF, Discovery International, Channel 9 and Arte.
    • It a 4-parter, with a 5th episode about “the making of…”
    • Read more about the series here.
  • Overall:
    • BIG PACIFIC averaged a 1.74 HH rating and delivered 2.5 million viewers per minute.
    • Invested viewing households watched 39 minutes per episode (6 minute qualifier).
    • Median Age: 64
  • By Episode:
    • 101 – 1.83 HH, Median Age 66, 41 min. TSV
    • 102 – 1.83 HH, Median Age 64, 38 min. TSV
    • 103 – 1.82 HH, Median Age 65, 39 min. TSV
    • 104 – 1.71 HH, Median Age 64, 41 min. TSV
    • 105 – 1.50 HH, Median Age 63, 38 min. TSV


  • The Minute-by-Minute ratings for BIG PACIFIC show steady audience growth during each episode.
  • BIG PACIFIC 101 enjoyed an impressive level of loyalty: there was a steady upward trend as new viewers arrived and stayed until the credits.
  • The spike around Minutes 4-6 can be linked to an influx of new viewers.
  • More on Minute-by-Minute
    • Minute by Minute ratings are an invaluable tool for programmers and for the few producers with access to the data. They can micro-analyze the audiences’ engagement with a program over its duration.
    • The analysis is particularly useful for Live or quick-turnaround series, because it enables producers to make adjustments to format, talent, scripts, story line and more.

WILD ALASKA LIVE: The Story of a Live Stunt

  • WILD ALASKA LIVE is a PBS coproduction with BBC Earth.
  • The Audience
    • The show averaged a 1.44 HH rating and delivered 2.269 million viewers per minute.
    • Viewing households watched 35 minutes per episode (6 minute qualifier)
    • The viewing audience was consistent for episodes 1 and 2, but eased off for episode 3.
    • Median Age: 65

Ratings By Episode:

  • 101 – 1.51 HH, Median Age 65, 35 min. TSV
  • 102 – 1.52 HH, Median Age 64, 36 min. TSV
  • 103 – 1.28 HH, Median Age 66, 33 min. TSV

TV + Online + Social

  • All told, WILD ALASKA LIVE snagged 8.4 million unique TV viewers and generated 691K streams across Facebook, YouTube, and owned digital platforms.
  • WILD ALASKA LIVE 101 is PBS’s #2 telecast among Kids and Teens (2-17) for the 2016-17 season.

PBS’s Takeaway:
“For WILD ALASKA LIVE, nearly 19% of its audience was newer (hadn’t watched in the past month), and it drove Kids to view PBS nature content; increasing PBS’s Kid’s viewership by 30% (vs. PBS primetime average). (Ki ds 2-11)”


  • I have eagerly covered the rapid recent developments in the LIVE Natural History niche.
  • Technical advances and experience are helping producers and networks to create programs that deliver both broadcast and online programming, as well as compelling social media content.
  • And that combo is a Holy Grail right now.
  • Nat Geo Wild / Nat Geo Channel, BBC and PBS are leaders in the Wildlife LIVE genre.

  • Read my coverage from the Wildscreen conference of Nat Geo Wild’s SAFARI LIVE, which also led off the famous ”What’s The Buzz” session at the 2016 Science Producers’ Congress.
  • The 4-day “live event” Winterwatch is a popular BBC seasonal feature.
  • In another genre, A&E has enjoyed success with LIVE PD.

Source for PBS Data: TV – Nielsen Live+7  Total US average audience(rating/delivery) or reach estimates as indicated. 6 minute qualifier for reach, except in the case of total views (1 min. qualifier). Total views defined as (TV P2+ reach x frequency) + digital streams + VOD starts.  Digital streams – Google Analytics.  VOD – comScore on Demand essentials.  Date ranges vary.


  • If you think that you can detect a bias towards WNET and Nature, you’re right.
  • Back in the early ‘Eighties, I was a struggling wetback in New York.
  • A humiliating return flight to Melbourne was on the horizon when WNET gave me my first respectable job in the U.S., on THE AMERICAN CITY, an Annenberg-funded series hosted by Mayor John Lindsay. (Thanks David Rosen and Tim Gunn!)
  • Years later, after leaving CBS, WNET was my first consulting assignment, on a strategic plan for their Publishing & Home Video efforts.
  • In any case, I’m keen to promote public television in this era of sustained threats to its funding.


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