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DOCUBAY: CEO Akul Tripathi reveals his Mumbai-based, global documentary streamer. Podcast

Akul Tripathi is the CEO of DOCUBAY, the Mumbai-based documentary subscription streamer launched in 2H’19.

Akul emphasizes the scale of the huge Indian video market, with its population of 1.4 billion, including 130+/- million English-speakers.

He describes how the low cost of Internet connectivity has driven the fast adoption of digital services, reaching 570 million and growing at an annual rate of 13%.

Akul then moves on to DOCUBAY:

  • His mission
  • Programming focus
  • The scale of Docubay’s inventory and pipeline of new programs
  • The rights situation
  • And his two consumer subscription fee options.

Podcast: Listen to Docubay CEO Akul Tripathi


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