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TRUE ROYALTY: The Netflix for Viewers who are “Super-engaged with the Royals”. A Podcast with CEO Gregor Angus

TRUE ROYALTY is a London-based subscription video service dedicated to British Royalty.

Co-founder GREGOR ANGUS describes True Royalty as a “clearly-defined interest” or mega-niche.

  • His analysis points to tens of millions of hyper-engaged Royal TV viewers.
  • They are concentrated in the U.S. and Commonwealth countries.
  • True Royalty’s business case was endorsed by U.S. box office results as we spoke: DOWNTON ABBEY was the week’s shock winner, beating out several Hollywood favorites.

Market Scale

Commissioning Originals

Highlights of our conversation:

  • Royal weddings are among the most-watched of all television programs, all-time and worldwide
  • True Royalty launched in 2018 with 150-200 hours of programs
  • Most of the content is from producer Nick Bullen who specializes in royal coverage, and who is a partner in the venture.
  • Monthly sub fee: $5:99
  • TR is now ordering original documentaries:
    • An early greenlight is “Meghan for President?” about Meghan Markle and the issues about which she is passionate.
  • New distribution platforms and set-top-boxes like Comcast’s Xfinity X1 platform are expanding TR’s footprint.


  • I wondered how True Royalty will compete against Netflix, Prime Video, and now Disney, Apple and other massively-funded streamers.
  • I’m impressed with Gregor’s plan and execution.
  • His success will establish a commercial model for hyper-niche streaming services dedicated to other highly-qualified documentary genres.
  • Listen for yourself!

PODCAST: Listen Now!

$12 Million Funding Round

  • True Royalty initial seed-funding rounds raised $7 million.
  • A new funding round and wants to raise $12 million.
  • The new cash will be used on tech, marketing, and content, in part to expand the geographical footprint of the service including India, and China.
  • Read more in Variety’s coverage (October 10, 2019).

“Our intention has always been to go not all direct and not all third-party, but [go for] ubiquity,” he told Variety. “Any TV channel needs to be available where people watch television. Our team is thinking less about being pigeon-holed as SVOD, and that we are a TV channel, it just happens to be streamed.” GREGOR ANGUS

Gregor Angus

A snip from the True Royalty home page

Many thanks to marketing expert Patricia Frith for introducing Gregor and True Royalty.


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