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U.S. Consumers & Viewers in a “Twilight Zone”. The key data & analysis with Dr John Morse. PACT UK Podcast

Dr John Morse likens the consumer’s COVID experience to living thru an episode of “The Twilight Zone”.

He analyzes U.S. lifestyle and media usage trends during the pandemic in a PACT (UK Producers) webinar/podcast hosted by Dawn McCarthy-Simpson.

John takes us on a deep dive into the data, highlighting the Big Trends:

  • Viewing has become communal
  • The initial spike in viewing has plateau’d
  • Attentiveness is fading
  • Shifts vary by genre and platform. It’s now all about ‘engagement’
  • Online viewing soars, with deep impacts on the advertising and subscription financial models that fund production.

What next?

  • He concludes with a snapshot of what may be permanent changes in U.S. media usage after COVID.
  • I was the moderator, but my Zoom audio failed at the last minute. We later updated the PPT and recorded this podcast.
  • In this post, John shares his presentation that is full of fresh insights and the latest data.
  • We will share more data and analysis in upcoming posts.

Listen to the Podcast

Powerpoint Presentation:

About John Morse & Byron Media

Dr. John Morse is a leading media marketing researcher with over 25 years of experience in corporate development and digital video analytics across multi-media platforms.

His work includes both custom and syndicated media and advertising studies.  He is an expert in Nielsen, Comscore, GfK MRI, and Kantar metrics having served on key industry committees to expand measurement into new digital consumer platforms such as online, mobile, and VOD/streaming services. John helped to develop over 20 companies that include AccuWeather, AOL, A&E, BeIn Sports, CNBC, Hallmark Channels, ESPN, HGTV, INSP, Lifetime, Reelz, The Learning Channel and YES Network.

Peter and John consult with production companies on their new pitches, renewal strategies and business plans.

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